๐Ÿš€Callisto Network Progress Tracker

Experience unprecedented transparency with the Callisto Progress Tracker. Discover real-time updates, tasks, and milestones updated every Friday. Your window into the evolution of Callisto is here!

Dear Callistonians,

Last week, we broke the news about our Progress Tracker, a new initiative to boost project transparency, enhance communication, and keep you in sync with our ongoing work and accomplishments.

Our Progress Tracker is a dynamic, interactive Trello board named "Callisto Network Progress Tracker." It functions as a real-time timeline of our team's efforts, enabling you to stay abreast with our active projects, finished milestones, and future aspirations.

The Trello board is divided into several sections, namely:

  • Callisto Network Website Maintenance.

  • Security Department Website Maintenance.

  • Security Audits Reports.

  • Marketing & Community Engagement.

  • Current Quarter Milestones: Callisto Network, Immortal Lottery, Absolute Wallet, Soy Finance.

  • Upcoming Q3 2023 Milestones.

To ease task identification, we have introduced a color-coded label system:

  • "Action Underway" (Clear Green): Ongoing tasks.

  • "Mission Accomplished" (Green): Completed tasks.

  • "On Deck" (Red): Tasks for this quarter that are yet to be initiated.

  • "On the Horizon" (Gold): Tasks planned for next quarter.

This tool will be updated every Friday to ensure the most recent information is available to you.

We've designed this platform to offer a visually engaging and easy-to-navigate map of our work and upcoming plans. We invite you to explore it, and as always, we appreciate your unwavering support and feedback.


P.S. Don't forget to bookmark the link for quick future access!

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