📥Callisto Network Improvement Proposals

Sometimes you have to remodel a house to expose its real value.

To that end, we continue to remodel Callisto Network to expose the hidden value and to bring about even greater renovation and innovation.

We’re doing this through two new changes taking place:

1. Introducing the CLO Improvement Proposal or CLOIP.

2. Opening up and restructuring the Callisto Network-related Githubs so that the community can become intimately involved with the process of making CLO a better, stronger, more transparent network.

Let’s start with CLOIP.

Just like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic provide a way for the community to improve those blockchains through the “Improvement Proposal” process, so too is Callisto Network now moving to that same structure.

As it stands now, improvement proposals go through a GitHub repository called “community requests.” That is evolving into Callisto Network Improvement Proposal that the entire community has access to.

We’re doing this for a couple of reasons.

First, it allows the community a deeper involvement in making Callisto Network all that it can be. Dev teams and founders are great at what they do, but like all humans, they can’t know and see everything. That’s where the community comes in. A larger number of thinkers see a larger number of problems, issues, and potential improvements that, through the new CLOIP process, they can propose in order to better our network.

Second, it’s a subtle reminder that we are the little brother of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. We have the same bloodline, the same heritage, and the same history. We just think that Callisto Network being smaller currently, has the chance to do things a little better making improvements to the original Ethereum concept.

Now, the community members have the ability to keep those improvements going.

At the moment, we already have 12 improvement proposals listed – a sign in and of itself that the community cares about making Callisto Network bigger, better, and stronger.

Imagine what it means to observers outside the Callisto Network community when we have 50 or 100 improvement proposals. It’s visual proof that Callisto is a vibrant network and that the community is deeply engaged in bettering the network. That helps grow the community and strengthen and advertise the network.

As part of CLOIP, we will soon be opening the Callisto Network Treasury to the community.

The treasury makes Callisto Network unique in the blockchain world, and it is also a reminder that the network was born without an ICO or pre-mined coins. The team needed to control the treasury early on to ensure the young project did not perish. That model helped Callisto Network survive the longest bear market in the history of crypto.

Now, however, it’s time to start migrating treasury decisions to the community, which, according to the Callisto Network whitepaper, was always going to become the primary decision-maker.

In the first step, the team will continue to share treasury decisions with the community. But little by little, 100% control of the treasury will revert to the community because we firmly believe the community should decide the future of Callisto Network.

We will have more to say on community control of the treasury soon, but we wanted to let you know what’s coming.

Moving on to Github…

Some of the Callisto Enterprise Githubs have been private, open only to the team. We realize that’s not exactly conducive to bettering our network.

So, we’re restructuring the Githubs and opening them up entirely to the community so that everyone can see exactly what’s happening inside Callisto Network and Callisto Enterprise.

As it is now, we have an abundance —let’s call it “too many”— Githubs for all of our projects. There’s one for SOY Finance, Callisto Enterprise, Callisto Network, and Callisto Security.

We are regrouping everything under three broad repositories on GitHub.

1. Callisto Enterprise: Everything developed by Callisto Enterprise, whether it is related to Callisto Network, SOY Finance, SOY Bridge, etc.

Callisto Enterprise GitHub can be found here.

2. Ethereum CommonWhealth: Home to the community and the historical Callisto Network Github, as well as previous audits, community proposals, and other research repositories for Callisto Network’s founder and chief technology officer, Dexaran.

Ethereum Commonwealth GitHub can be found here.

3. Callisto Security Department: Everything developed by the Callisto Security in terms of the company. The next audit will be housed here as well.

Callisto Security GitHub can be found here.

We’re making these changes because we want far greater transparency. We want the community to see everything in action and to contribute. We want the community involved in the decision-making processes, and we want devs in the community to be able to build atop the Callisto Network.

By inviting the community into the Callisto Github repositories, we will strengthen our network by strengthening our community’s involvement with the network.

That’s a win-win for everybody and positions Callisto Network for a more vibrant future.

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