How to buy Callisto with Your Credit Card

This tutorial will show you how to use your credit card to purchase Callisto Network (CLO) coins with Metamask without making a trade on an exchange. Several options are available to buy crypto-currencies from MetaMask, the most popular being Transak due to its low fees.

With Transak, you can buy cryptocurrencies and use them in the Callisto Network ecosystem in minutes using a debit or credit card, bank transfer, Google Pay, and other supported payment options. Transak is a licensed financial services provider with guaranteed legal compliance with AML/KYC. Therefore to use their services, it is necessary to create an account and verify your identity.

About MetaMask

MetaMask is an extension available for โ€‹Chrome, โ€‹Firefox and โ€‹Brave, which allows you to store, send and receive compatible cryptocurrencies through your web browser.


A step-by-step tutorial to guide you through setting up Metamask for Callisto Network is available here.

Register on Transak

The first step is to register an account on Transak by completing a brief KYC.

Step 1 - Open MetaMask, click on the "Buy" button, then select "Continue to Transak."

You will be redirected to the Transak website.

Step 2 - Enter the amount you wish to pay, specify the currency you want to use and the payment method. To take advantage of the best transfer fees, we will buy "BNB," which we will later convert into Callisto Network coins.

Confirm by clicking on "Buy Now."

Step 3 - Verify the information on the screen; your wallet address, as well as the amounts to be paid and received. If the indicated information pleases you, continue with "Buy BNB."

Step 4 - Enter your email address and click "Continue." You will receive a verification code at your email address within a few moments.

Once received, enter the code, check the "Terms of Use" box, then click "Continue."

Step 5 - If this is your first time using Transak, you will be asked to create an account and verify your identity. Continue with the KYC process by entering your information, the verification usually takes a few minutes.

Once the KYC is completed, You can proceed with the purchase and click on "Order Now."

Step 6 - Click "Add a new Card," enter your card's details and click "Continue."

Step 7 - After reviewing the information on the screen, check the checkboxes and proceed with "Continue."

Read the disclaimer related to the cryptocurrency risk and then press 'I understand The Risks.'

Well done! You have purchased cryptos with your credit card, and your funds will be sent to your wallet in a few moments.

Buy Callisto Network coins with Soy Bridge

Now that you have obtained the BNB, we can go ahead and buy Callisto Network coins!

To do this, we will transfer the BNB coins to Callisto Network and we will take advantage of the Soy Bridge technology to buy Callisto during the process.

Step 1 - Navigate to Soy Bridge and select "MetaMask."

Step 2 - Select "BSC Network" as the origin network and "Callisto Network" as the destination network, then click "Next."

Step 3 - Choose "BNB" and click "Next" to proceed with the following step.

Step 4 - Enter the amount of "BNB" you want to transfer, check "Buys Callisto coins", and enter the amount of Callisto Network coins you wish to purchase.

Click "Transfer."

Step 5 - Wait a few seconds for the transfer to complete and click "Claim" to get your coins!

Congratulations! You have purchased Callisto Network coins!

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