๐Ÿ’ฒWe Fund You!

We Fund You!

Callisto Enterprise provides technical expertise and financial support to early-stage projects that can potentially impact the crypto-world in the near future.

Callisto Enterprise is eager to put its technical expertise and financial power to support innovative community projects.

Note: The โ€œWe Fund You!โ€ program was the subject of a press release on CoinTelegraph.

Why build your project on Callisto Network?

The advantages are numerous:

  • Callisto Network is EVM compatible, meaning any Ethereum-compatible dApp can run on Callisto Network.

  • No Callisto Network dApp has ever never hacked, and the blockchain is resistant to 51% attacks.

  • Callisto Network offers the cheapest transaction fees in the industry (below 0.0001 USD per transaction).

  • A growing and supportive community adds extra value to the deployed projects.

  • An experienced team to support you in any aspect of your project.

How does it work?

The program โ€œWe Fund Youโ€ will be running every quarter. During that time, you will have the opportunity to submit your funding request on the Callisto Network Governance forum or directly to the Callisto Enterprise team by email.

The projects will be classified into three distinct categories:

1- Callisto Network ecosystem: Projects that will foster the growth of the Callisto Network ecosystem and increase the utilization of the CLO coin.

2- SOY Finance dApps: Enhancing SOY Finance with new features.

3- NFT based projects: Support for projects based on the CallistoNFT standard.

The Funding

Callisto will provide funding for up to three projects each quarter, depending on the size of funding requests. The following structure will apply:

  • Up to $100 000 - A project that can significantly grow the Callisto Ecosystem.

  • Up to $50 000 - A strong project driven by an experienced team.

  • Up to $25 000 - A promising project that requires a larger commitment from Callisto Enterprise team members.

This budget will be granted according to your business plan and will take into account the following aspects:

  • Legal costs.

  • Development.

  • Marketing.

As a consideration, the Callisto Enterprise will receive a variable amount of tokens from the supported projects.

The Jury

Your fund request will be reviewed by Vladimir Vencalek (CEO of Callisto Enterprise), Dexaran (COO), Karel Fillner (CSO), Yuriy (Security Department), and Tonton Benz (CMO).

Are you ready to start writing your own success story?

Submit your funding request by email at projects@callistoenterprise.com!

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