Callisto Team's Ask Me Anything on 03/03/2023

On March 03, 2023, Dexaran and Laurent Riche (aka TontonBenz) answered questions from the community.

Admin: Welcome Callistonians for joining us today for the Callisto Network AMA!

We all have seen recent changes and to help explain to our community, I am honored to introduce our well known co-founder and COO Dexaran as well our new Callisto Network CEO Laurent Riche who we all know as Tonton, the original Callistonian!

I have gathered several questions during the week from the community and if any question isn't asked during this AMA I will mute the chat and ask them to our guests.

Callistonians, the AMA with Callisto Network STARTS NOW!

Dexaran: Hello Community

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Hello Callistonians!

Btw guys! Have you seen the news? Gems and Goblins ICO is live!! The ecosystem is expanding. The 1st round is reserved for the CLO ecosystem using assets CLO, SOY and CLOE and there is a big discount I have heard!

Admin: Please ask your questions to dex and tonton.

Question: Will the Zpow technology be open source and, or shared with the public community?

Dexaran: Yes it will. As soon as there is a working prototype. Right now it's just a conception without proper reference implementation. And to be honest I'm a bit skeptical regarding our capabilities of implementing it as of now. I will be probably changing my position to GO developer and I'll probably work on core code myself in the future.

Comment: at least with GO it will be easy to deploy

Question: Why skeptical?

Dexaran: So far we had no active protocol developers in our team.

Callisto was not intended to be a protocol-level innovation at the start of the project.

Yohan did a number of core changes during the initial stage and then we were mostly focused on our infrastructure and peripherals

Question: Hi @TontonBenz . Missing the next bull run will be very bad for $CLO and its ecosystem. Weโ€™ve seen how great it was and still is the strategic plan to the moon. But we all understand that things are not going as planned, referring to time. Sure, infrastructure is growing and big things are being worked on, but there remains a lot to achieve. Thus with this progression, could $CLO really reach the top 100 as it was said?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: It is true that we are experiencing some delays and this is why restructuring the team was important. In the current market phase a good management of the fund is also crucial, this is what I have been working on during the last week. This task is completed and we are working now on the strategy and the roadmap.

Question: Seen eip 223 on ethereum, why no progress for 3 weeks?

Dexaran: The ERC223 is currently being submitted to the Ethereum community officially. Their mods requested some changes and there was a discussion that was going outside of the EIP pull request comment thread.

Ethereum changed the EIP procedure and now the most part of discussion is handled on their "Ethereum Magicians" forum and on gitter.

Question: Does it mean ZpoW is no longer in the game for this year ? Thanks

Dexaran: No. ZPOW is still our high priority development direction. So we need a dedicated developer who will work on this and our search for candidates was not that successful so far that's why I'm thinking to switch to it myself

Comment: Best decision please the whole community will support it.

Question: Hi, how are things with new monetary policy? When will it be implemented?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We are looking in detail at what has been done in the last 6 months, to be honest we are not satisfied and the Dynamic MP work in progress is far from what we have expected. (We are preparing an article with the details.)

Question: when will the skuld hard fork be implemented? Any ideas?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Skuld HF is the Monetary Policy hard fork, as I said we are reviewing the past months work to make sure that it meets our requirement and the vision of Dr. ZS.

Question: but what is the use case that would require so much capacity?

Dexaran: I don't get what exactly you want to ask. Could you rephrase it?

Question: 100K tx /per second is huge, I mean

Dexaran: For a smart-contract development platform - it's not that much. In Bitcoin all transactions are just financial operations. In smart-contract platforms โ€œtransactions" are actually processes. If you measure how many interactions your Windows or Linux OS is doing - it will be high enough and now imagine a distributed execution environment that runs a lot of programs (contracts) at the same time. The higher the capacity - the cheaper it would be to run programs on such a network for the end users

Question: whatโ€™s the biggest strategic plan of the team for the remaining ten months in 2023? To not waste more time and really push $CLO forward

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We want to open more the ecosystem to the community, to onboard devs of course but also rely more on the community marketing, some meme tokens have no tech, no roadmap, no marketing budget, and are already listed everywhere, only their community is making the difference. We will work on that. Also, now that we have optimized the expanses we were able to save significant money every month, the good news a part of it will be allocated to marketing.

Dexaran: Our main focuses are:

  • 1. L1 development - we are now actively investigating what changes we will be doing.

  • 2. We are planning to submit ERC223 to Ethereum and re-awake the old debate of ERC223 vs ERC20. ERC223 has one decisive advantage now - it is almost 3x cheaper when dealing with DEXes. So we will build the infrastructure for it on Ethereum - we have the standard, we will create the ERC20-to-ERC223 wrapper service and try to turn all ERC20s to ERC223s. And we have the only exchange in the world that can work with 223 tokens - it's Soy.Finance. It will be on ETH.

  • 3. More cross-chain.

We had a lot of side projects lately so things move slowly. I'd like to be focused on this stuff honestly, not to mention that we have IML in 90% completed state for 1.5 year already ...

Question: what are the plans for the 4 mil Euros? How will that be allocated?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We canโ€™t detail publicly the allocation of private funds but Callisto Enterprise raised funding to develop Callisto Network, Soy finance but also several projects among them:

- absolute wallet

- gems and goblins

- cyborg league

- Callisto Security


- Teramite

Question: I had to play with max open files today, but only focus with amd64/arm/GPU or also ASIC increase tx /sec for you?

Dexaran: ASICs do not increase the tx/s metric in any way. Network bandwidth is not connected to network hashrate anyhow.

Question: I mean computing power for basic tasks like managing more tx per sec

Dexaran: There is nothing ASICs could help with aside from increasing hashrate.

Question: Will any of these funds be spent on Marketing?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Definitely, but we are already running marketing campaigns and honestly we are managing to attract people, now retaining them and converting them is another story, I have discussed with the team members and we made a plan to improve our websites and our resources (social media, documentation, etc).

But the community should also do his part, and welcoming new people with a 'welcome bot' is probably not the best way, this will not be allowed in the future.

Question: Is your platform acceptable for newcomers to cryptocurrency? Or is it solely attractive to business users?

Dexaran: The platform is open for everyone

Question: The big question is only how you wanna get ppl to use Soy Finance?

Dexaran: We can get people to use the ERC223 standard to save GAS. I guess 70% cheaper DEX swaps is a decent incentive.

And if they want it - they will have to use Soy.Finance as it's the first and so far the only ERC223-compatible DEX

Question: Between, not at soy finance AMA, but as you notice, you allocated funds for its development. We really are not seeing big activity with soy. And you could understand how tough this could be for investors to stay, when we look at the $SOY downtrend since itโ€™s start. Personally, I think if people remain with soy finance, it's due to the Callisto Network. Any plan to make soy big from now?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: I agree we can do much better with SOY, I have been working with ZS, Yuriy, and Jeff and we have a plan, more on that as soon as next week. Also, we always considered the community to be paramount and the next phase should be to open more projects to allow the community and external devs to contribute directly by building.

Question: are MN still a thing? no info about since launch?

Dexaran: Yes, MNs are still in our todo list

Comment: I am looking at this a little bit differently, so to get people to CLO first, and when they get to know the ecosystem, they will start using Soy Finance and other products.

Dexaran: That's hard to convince people in ETH community to go and look on CLO honestly

Question: @Dexaran any chance to see live total eclipse feature in the future?

Comment: countries do not like this kind of feature

Dexaran: yes, that's the reason why we are not promoting it. We can be subject to regulation with this

Question: I'm not talking about hashrate but about transaction management (you were talking about GOLANG and "a distributed execution environment that runs a lot of programs (contracts)"), many people believe that asics are dedicated to crypto, but asics are also used in networks / storage / etc...

Dexaran: As I've said we have no plans to utilize ASICs in any way for now

When I was talking about GO lang I was referring to geth client that is written in GO.

Smart contracts are executed via EthereumVM and it will remain as it is. I would be happy to support WASM honestly but it's not the highest priority for now.

So, with our L1 changes we aim to increase the number of transactions per block / the amount of data that the network can process per second. We are not planning to change how the contracts are stored/executed

Question: Any plans for CLOE?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Yes, CLOE is the token of Callisto Enterprise so we want it to be at the core of the app built by Callisto Enterprise, it's already in use in the Masternodes btw.

Question: When will the Callisto Hub be completed to be able to sell, buy and create NFT?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We have the CLO NFT standard but we lack the infrastructure so CLO NFT marketplace will definitely be in the CLO 2023 roadmap.

Question: now yes, but during the bull market ppl will be looking for ETH successor (like it was in the past). Clo has cheap unit price, low transaction fees ideal condition for investors (for many ppl ETH will be too expensive). There is only one problem- Clo has to be listed on main CEX's.

Dexaran: We will do our best to get CLO listed on CEX'es and make it get traction. This doesn't mean that it will be easy though

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Guys, regarding Soy Finance, as I said we have reviewed Soy Finance deeply and next week we will publish a plan with several actions intended to improve the situation. An updated roadmap will be published next month, and by then we count on you to make proposals!

Question: Yeah, My question about cosmowasm/dual vm - no such plans at all or itโ€™s in a long term todo? Also any plans to increase block size?

Dexaran: We will be making CLO up-to-date with Ethereum pre-POS state first. Then we will develop our own scalability solution (ZPOW or whatever). After that we will think about VM but it's not the most important of the tasks right now.

I also hope that we can use a ready-to-go solution from some other network. Building our own would be a lot more expensive

Question: Any plan to reduce DAG file size under 4gb (as ETC....) to permit mining with 4gb GPUs?

Dexaran: that's a good idea

Question: @TontonBenz ,Callisto is not really known despite its great potential. Many times said, lack of awareness. Definitely, why are devs struggling and innovating if their products canโ€™t be known for the good of the project ? Sure, the team wants to rely on community effort, whatโ€™s good. Between, Can we expect a big marketing plan as priority from now, with the budget allocated for this? And what are the marketing strategies that the team is thinking about, as youโ€™re not really preferring youtubers and twitter influencers ?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: To be honest, I don't think the market right now allows for "big marking plans" but yes we will increase the marketing budget, however, if the budget allocation will depend on the market, but also on the project in which we see the best opportunities.

Regarding Youtubers and Twitter influencers, I don't think this is the right way to do marketing as everyone knows they are paid to do what they are doing, however, if you guys think that some specific influencer has a community that really trusts him please share with us. We will review every marketing opportunities.

Dexaran: I would like to mention that we have a "Community Requests" repo now

If you want to propose an idea or report a bug - you can go there, create an issue and describe it in any form and then our project manager will review it.

Question: Do you have any marketing plan for CLO to get it more attractive to users ? CLO price is going only down after listing and community marketing may not be enough. Do you plan to collaborate with other crypto projects ? It could increase visibility.

Dexaran: Our main collaborators right now are EOS and ETH. We are approaching ETH with what we have: SOY, Bridges, token standards.

Question: So how do you see this, are there any chances for new listings in the near future?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: A few months ago CLO was listed on which is top 10 on CMC. We would like to see the community trading actively on this exchange before considering any new listings. However, the listings that were considered by Vladimir are still on the table.

Guys, community plays a big part in the success of a new listing, keep it in mind. We are discussing with Gate and we will have some marketing actions we would like to see you guys mobilized.

Everyone can make a difference, so donโ€™t wait for someone else to do what you can do yourself. By tweeting regularly, translating the news, by being proactive the community can do a lot. Look, last Saturday a Callistonian made a post on Binance Feed, this is a great initiative, and this is precisely what Iโ€™m talking about.

Question: @Dexaran do you hold CLO?

Dexaran: Yea, I do

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Hey, I don't think AncientDoge will ask for copyright if some of you decide to translate his article and post it on a local forum.

He is not the only one btw, @TheRealCallistoKid printed stickers and t-shirts, Nico is spamming Twitter non stop, ect ectโ€ฆ

I believe that there is no better marketing team than the crypto community.

Question: right and Do you know that as a CEO you have to fill application form?

Admin: No, not correct. That is @AncientDogeHdlr personal feed

Question: Any plans for Soy.Finance to get a new interface?

Dexaran: Is something wrong with the current one? or do you have some specific features in mind?

Comment: Nothing wrong, however I think it looks more like a cartoon. No other exchanges look like that.

Dexaran: We are not planning to allocate our own UI devs for it.

However I could launch a "bounty" for creating an alternative UI

Comment: More "serious looking" i should have said

Question: @TontonBenz I think that an automatic control should be introduced on all groups because a lot of bots are registered.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: I have seen that some bots managed to join yes, but it's not the bigger part of the people that join mate, please check that:

Most of the new members join via " search ". I don't think bots use that search function.

Again I don't think our issue is to attract new users but rather retain them.

Dexaran: we are planning to have more bounties now rather than allocate our own devs to some tasks that are not critical

Question: Sir Do we have any plans for creating a gate trading discussion group. (It's has merits and demerits )

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: It's a good idea, would you like to be an admin there?

Comment: Sure sir,

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Please contact @GaryJ64 in DM we will set it up.

Comment: Thank you sir , I'll do my best

Question: @CoinBureau is big and has a big community. He never reviews so-called sh"t coins.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Got it, we will check.

Question: What will be the new trend in crypto in the next cycle?

Dexaran: Nobody knows for sure, however we had an idea that it can be SBTs and recently neural networks did significant progress - so maybe something related. I will write an article about my neural networks research

Question: Or AI

Dexaran: I don't think that AI can become blockchain. These are not directly related or integratable things. We can optimize development resources however. I.e. fire devs and let AI write code

Comment: Firing devs is not good idea

Dexaran: I had a game development team that worked on my side project (a game obviously) and I found out that I can pay $30/mo to Midjourney and generate in-game icons instead of paying $1000 to designer for the same task.

Question: Is AGIX neural network?

Dexaran: I need to dig it a little bit more to give a sufficient answer.

Question: How do you explain the popularity of some meme coins and the lack of awareness for CallistoNetwork?

Dexaran: it can be a matter of luck and timing. Out of 1000 meme coins 1 can get really popular just for no reason. Simply because a lot of people coincidentally invested in it or someone famous tweeted about it. Youโ€™ll never know that other 999 meme coins failed

Question: Is there any plan for real case uses? as it was for transports in Prague?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Well as a blockchain, Callisto Network has several advantages, security, low tx costsโ€ฆ we will consider all the opportunities but we should not waste our energy by trying to be everywhere. For now let's focus on security; Dexaran and Yuriy have accumulated a unique expertise in the cryptospace, letโ€™s leverage it!

Btw we are about to celebrate the 333rd audit by CLO Security Dept.

Comment: For what I have observed, Callisto has huge potential, and has a great team of actual builders. Where we are lacking is the community's own lack of aggressively pushing it. I notice I continue to demand for marketing (thatโ€™s needed though) but it more of feels like the community wants new people to join and shill and less inclined to participate themself. Thatโ€™s where the community is going wrong I guess. I firmly believe in the team . I must also say I have completed whole 13 year in crypto and watched this space go from nothing to top

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: I totally agree with that

Comment: To prove my bias -

The article I wrote about had 2.2k views before I posted here , all views from Binance users. After posting here it only increased to 2.3k . Thatโ€™s not a good number for a community this big . So who is lacking to engage ? Is it the job of the team or community?

Comment: I read, commented and published on Facebook.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Also! You see, these actions are efficient :)

Check it out

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Guys! The top 100 projects share a common feature: pro active community. This is why we want to make the community more involved and we are working on it.

Also from now we will be publishing a video covering a specific topic every week, and a few days after a detailed article about that topic will follow. We would like to see the Callistonians taking part in the discussion, so letโ€™s comment, discuss and tweet, we can do better than โ€œ when marketing ?โ€œ

Question: Can dexaran come out of the shadows for another video maybe. He doesn't have to show his face but maybe start showcasing his talent and thoughts on YouTube while still hiding his identity

Dexaran: I'm not planning to do this in the near future.

I don't think that this will bring any positive effect to me or my projects.

Question: The main task should be the attraction of new users

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: I can see that we attract them but are not " retaining " them for some reason. This is what we need to address. And I have shared that most of these people are joining via the search function so... We can't say they are bots.

Question: What is the actual state of ZPOW ?

Dexaran: Proof of concept

Dexaran: I.e. This is a documentation that describes a set of ideas without implementation and it may be also changed.

Question: So the plan for q1 release is scraped

Dexaran: it depends on whether we will find a dev capable of working on it with required pace or not.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Dr ZS is preparing an article on Z consensus, because yes it can be applied to both PoW and PoS.

Will be published next week I believe.

Admin: This concludes today's AMA and thanks to both our COO Dexaran and CEO Tonton for sharing with us today and a shout also for the whole Callisto Team. But thanks most of all to all participants for their contributions and questions.

Have a great evening Callistonians

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