Callisto Monthly - June 2022

Welcome to your fourth edition of the Callisto monthly newsletter, your update on all the happenings that have taken place inside Callisto Network Ecosystem in the last month.

We start this month withโ€ฆ

The Story of Us

Callisto Network has a new whitepaper.

The whitepaperโ€”the story of Callistoโ€”has been in the works for the last few months and now that itโ€™s finally published, Callistonians can read about and better understand all of the features and security infrastructure that makes the Callisto Network one of the safest on the blockchain.

Moreover, Callistonians and those who might want to invest in the network can learn about the Callisto ecosystem that includes Soy Finance, play-to-earn gaming, Absolute Wallet, and later on Esport Innovation Group products.

The whitepaper also lays out our Monetary Policy and Governance standards.

In short, itโ€™s everything anyone needs to know in order to understand why Callisto is emerging as one of the best blockchains, and why the Callisto token is positioned for success.

Moving onโ€ฆ

A Bridge to (Almost) Everywhere

One of the bigger challenges of the blockchain is that itโ€™s very much a Tower of Babel. Various networks generally do not talk the same language as another, meaning You canโ€™t just send Callisto onto the Bitcoin network, or send Solana onto the Callisto Network.

The solution: A crypto bridge.

The bridges work just like real bridges the cross rivers and ravines in that they connect one blockchain technology to another.

Using the Soy Finance bridge, Callistonians can connect the Callisto Network to several other networks including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. This makes it incredibly convenient for users of decentralized finance services to move non-Callisto coins and tokens onto the Callisto Network, where they can tap into Soy Finance, the safest DeFi protocol on any blockchain.

Next up, a new name for an old serviceโ€ฆ

Whatโ€™s In a Name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet โ€ฆ but we still changed the name for Cryptobot to Absolute Wallet.

Over the last three years, Cryptobot has emerged as the most-used and trusted crypto wallet on Telegram, with more than 130,000 active users across more than 250 Telegram channels. As of July 1, however, Cryptobot has been rebranded as Absolute Wallet, which is more in fitting with the role it now plays.

Absolute will continue to serve the same purpose that Cryptobot playedโ€”namely a way to store and spend crypto by way of Telegram. But now it will expand into a larger ecosystem that will include an easily accessibly decentralized exchange (DEX) as well as a crypto bridge and crypto-marketing tools for Telegram teams.

Soon, Absolute Wallet will launch an initial coin offering (ICO) for the upcoming FUN token that will become an integral part of the Absolute Wallet ecosystem.

Keeping with Absolute Wallet for a moment longerโ€ฆ

Start Your Engines!

Power-Car NFTs are now fully integrated into the Absolute Wallet, bringing a play-to-earn component to the Absolute ecosystem.

The integration allow Absolute Wallet owners to race their NFT-based cars, to bet on the outcome races, and to participate in weekly lotteries for the chance to win the grand prize pot.

Six times a week, an algorithm randomly selects three PowerCar NFTs held in an Absolute Wallet and runs a race. Gamblers can bet on the car of their choice using SOY, CLO, CLOE and BUSDT (Bulls US Dollar Token).

The winner gets 70% of the pot, with PowerCar NFT owners sharing in a minimum of 5% of the pot.

In essence, this new setup means that PowerCar NFT owners can collect passive income just by owning a PowerCar in their Absolute Wallet.

And one final wallet-related noteโ€ฆ

Callisto Goes to 6 Million Potential New Users

Bitkeep, a decentralized, multi-chain DeFi wallet that competes directly with MetaMask, has added Callisto to its network for supported mainnets.

With six million users across nearly 170 countries, Bitkeep has positioned itself as a โ€œsafe and convenient one-stop digital asset management services to users around the world.โ€ Adding Callisto Network to the family of mainnets is simply further proof that Callisto is increasingly gaining recognition as one of the worldโ€™s emerging blockchains.

Integration into Bitkeep makes owning Calliston Network coins, convenient for those millions of Bitkeep users.

Over time, Bitkeep will bring more Callisto projects onto the Bitkeep platform, which will increase exposure to the full range of Callisto Network opportunities.

Moreover, Bitkeep itself is growing Bitkeep just recently secured $15 million in a fundraising round that included Dragonfly Capital and including the venture capital arm of crypto exchange KuCoin. That growth promises to bring Callisto Network to an even larger number of eyeballs going forward.

And with that, we wrap up the June Callisto update. Talk to you again next month.

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