Security Audits For Smart Contracts

There are dangers associated with smart contract technology. With millions of DApps deployed on dozens of blockchains, some people intentionally engage in harmful activities to the community. These malicious activities are only possible when vulnerabilities exist in the smart contract code. Most hacking incidents are the lack of proper auditing of smart contracts.
The DeFi platforms are a prime hunting ground for crypto-currency thieves and hackers as the cryptocurrency hacks accelerate. During the first four months of 2022, $1.57 billion worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen, surpassing the previous year's value.
Protecting users' and investors' funds is more crucial than ever and Callisto Network Security Department offers its experience in providing the most efficient and affordable auditing service in the industry.

What is a Smart Contract?

The term "smart contract" is probably one of the most used terms in the cryptocurrency industry, but what exactly is it?
The term smart contract refers to a software code or protocol used to provide assistance in negotiating, verifying and executing an agreement. Smart contracts are fully programmable and can be automatically triggered allowing for reliable transactions without any external third party.

Are Your Funds Safe?

Smart contract programming is a relatively new field, lacking security standards, documentation, and best practices. Consequently, the developers may overlook the importance of auditing their smart contracts before launch.
In this context, smart contract hacks are on the rise and with the advent of DeFi platforms in the 2020s, the number of hacks has skyrocketed as some bad actors take advantage of developers' negligence.
An error in the code order (as DAO hack) or an initialization omission (as Parity Freeze) can lead to a disaster such as being immortalized on the blockchain.

Callisto Network Security Departement

The idea for Callisto Security Department emerged after the DAO hack which led to the Ethereum fork. Being an active contributor to Ethereum, Dexaran, founder of the Callisto Security Department, followed the hack closely and saw the deficiencies that led to the most famous hack in cryptocurrency history.
Callisto Security Department consists of a team of seasoned professionals with a common goal: to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities of smart contracts to drive the adoption of the programmable blockchain.
As part of the audit process, auditors ensure that the smart contract behaves as intended by considering all logical permutations and possible exceptions as well as the rigor of its implementation. The whole process is performed without automated tools, as we believe that formal verification cannot provide sufficient security for critical systems and DApps.
An audit is a fundamental requirement for a project to be considered secure and ready to receive user funds.