Dexaran's Ask Me Anything on 11/04/2022

On April 1, 2022, Dexaran answered questions from the community about CallistoNFT, Callisto Bridge, and consensus mechanisms.
Admin: Ladies and gentlemen, AMA with Dexaran COO and co-founder of Callisto Network START NOW 🔥
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Dexaran: Hello Callisto Community so, let's start the todays ama
Q: @dexaran in your medium post you wrote about your former hobby in the gaming sector and complete decentralization in this context...
Do you already have something specific in mind and if so, what, if you can/may reveal more about it and on which platform would you develop a decentralized game?
Dexaran: Well, I'll reveal some details about the games I have been working on during the past 2 years probably. I was trying not to mix my "crypto pseudonyme" with my side projects but I think that this will change now.
Q: Has the situation changed around a competent and affordable dev for your needs through callisto enterprise and its partnership?
Dexaran: CallistoEnterprise is working on some other projects that are not related to my activity in this area so nothing changes
Q: How much attention will you have in relation to your activities in the different areas (gaming, sc security and others)
Dexaran: I would say that I'm now working 90% of time with CLO-related tasks.
The NFT activity consumes almost all of my time since the development of CallistoNFT standard.
I think it's good time to announce our new partners:
TheRepublic is going to perform a wave of NFT sales using CallistoNFT standard.
Q: What are your favorite genres of gaming ?
Dexaran: I would call 4X strategies or survival games. Even though it's not about the genre but more about the implementation
Q: Do you have an update on Cyborg League?
Dexaran: Cyborg League is still on. CallistoEnterprises prepares some reorganization
Q: Hi Dexaran, CLO NFT standard is really good, we would be glad to see all the projects on our blockchain using it.
Any plan with PowerCar and VIP Warz adopting it?
Dexaran: Yes, we are planning to acquire PowerCar. We will move it to CallistoNFT standard and we are planning to keep promoting it
Q: Are you planning a callisto App to give users more interesting feature and earning opportunity, like mobile mining, Games using Callisto network.
Dexaran: I would say that it is not possible to introduce mobile mining in CLO. At least you are required to have a decent GPU to mine Ethash and you need 3 GB VRAM to support DAG of that size.
Immortal Lottery is still planned but it's being constantly delayed in favor of "more relevant projects" because it is considered a side project. I still hope to finalize it however.
Q: I knew it's not possible to do it. But this is kind of different thing where user will get some profit with his holding on clo app. It's like flexible staking .
Dexaran: Well, I think that our infrastructure is flexible enough with cold staking, SOY farming
Q: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us 💚 i hope you are doing better at your new location now
I hardly cant wait to read more details of the games you mentioned, so you will use the pseudonyme dexaran in the gaming sektor too ?
The part about the new partnership sounds promising and i will read more about it later 🤩 happy to see your standard will take over the nft market
I'm secretly hoping for a survival game because I'm a fan of it myself 😁
Thank you again for your time.
Dexaran: Yes, it is likely that I will use the same pseudonyme. Smart-contract Security remains my main focus for the time being
Q: New exchange for Clo...? , Soy...?
Dexaran: I was expecting this question. We recently spoke with Yohan and he shared his experience with CYT. They were contacting Binance and FTX.
The process still looks shady, but we're hoping for the best.
I would be just as excited to see CLO on Binance as you are.
Q: Are you hiring New Developers ? Is it possible to have a separate part of hiring or a hiring section with possible eligible Requirements Yes, we are still hiring new developers but it is mostly related to Callisto Enterprise projects. Q: With the announcement of a partnership with a metaverse platform... how will this integrate with CLO?
Dexaran: We are handling the NFT sale for them. NFTs will be on Callisto chain.
Q: To build on this will the NFTs be available through a SOY.Finance/Callisto NFT Marketplace or exclusively through the RepubliK platform?
Dexaran: I think that the main sale will be handled through TheRepublic platform.
It is possible to trade p2p after the sale without any marketplaces - this is the main feature of CallistoNFT standard
Q: Why the price of Callisto almost does not change. It's just small variations around this same price that we know!
Dexaran: Well, the price is a factor of market conditions, not only the project itself. So the market may remain irrational longer than you think of it.
Q: The CLOE cryptocurrency is missing a lot of information such as its white paper, the sites where we can find it. We don't even know what it is?
Dexaran: I agree that there could be more visibility regarding it's use cases and "what it is needed for". We will improve it
Q: Furthermore, apart from Callisto which can be found on sites like Coinmarketcap, Tokens such as CLOE and SOY cannot be found anywhere. So, I ask myself a lot of questions about the reliability of these projects. Thank you very much for understanding!
Dexaran: Because SOY and CLOE are not traded on any centralized exchanges for the moment. That's why we've built our own decentralized exchange.
Q: Any posible listed on huobi exchange?
Dexaran: We are not currently discussing listing with Huobi
Q: Yohan no more in Callisto?
Dexaran: Yohan is an advisor now. We are still in touch
Q: I read your aritcle about improving Callisto consensus mechanism. Is there any initative to move from POW to POS/DPOS?
How will decision to change consensus mechanism be made? Voting? Community?
Dexaran: There are no plans to change the consensus algo in the near future. Today our researcher introduced an idea of improving the TPS metric of CLO chain to 20K tx/s
For comparison
ETH has 20 tx/s DASH 35tx/s PIVX 175tx/s
EOS 2500 tx/s TRX 2000tx/s
Solana promises 65,000tx/s but nobody knows if its true
so we are currently investigating other options that would allow us to stay on POW and if Ethereum switches to POS then miners will go somewhere you know …. .
Q: wakes up the bridge to the binance network of the cyt token?
Dexaran: CYT is not listed on Binance either so we are not sure if it works that way.
Q: Can we a expect a trading competition for CLO 😍
Dexaran: I'm not in charge of that but I don't know of any plans in that direction
Q: Is your name Vitaly?
Dexaran: no
Q: Can you introduce a guide to create token on Callisto Blockchain . Would help newbies ?
Dexaran: Yep it's similar to Eth still ERC 233
Yes, I'll do that. We are preparing guidelines for creating NFTs at the moment
it would be nice if community will express their needs in regards of the tech guidelines so that it would be easier to realize which tasks are higher prioritized
Q: Many nft artist are willing to list there arts on callisto Blockchain. When we can expect this?
Dexaran: We are constantly working withing the NFT scope. I would say that the benefit of Callisto NFT ecosystem is that they don't need OpenSea or any kind of marketplace
We need to improve the NFT explorer however. Blockchain explore is currently our bottleneck that hurts NFT adoption.
Q: do you still work on CLO-EOS intagration?
Dexaran: No, it was placed on-hold and then forsaken
Q: Are You still involved in ETC development? What do you think of ETC currently? Competition to CLO? Dinosaur dying of old age? Or something third?
Dexaran: I'm following ETC news to some degree and I still have their official email [email protected] that I'm using in most cases.
I'm answering questions about ETC that exchanges or different developers ask me by email. I'm not actively working on any proposals for ETC ecosystem at the moment.
Q: What is the next big news/item to be released and eta if you can share?
Dexaran: We have another NFT project that may come to our ecosystem but it's a secret. I can't tell you more.
Q: New bridging assets? On callisto Bridge
Dexaran: We are working on NFT bridge so we will make all NFTs bridge-able.
I would say both. It is part of Callisto ecosystem but it affects SOY to some degree
Q: I would like more bridges to different networks, a polygon is a must. Lending protocols like AAVE. I would like the Calisto node, at startup, to search for peers faster, sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes. I would like to have the purse of callisto wallet repaired
Dexaran: I completely agree. We are looking forwards to increase the number of networks that we are interconnected with.
Our current bridge only supports the model that connects two chains that run similar VM (EthereumVM in our case)
So we need to revive the old CLO->EOS bridge in order to connect CLO to more networks that run different contracts
Q: We have been told that the new ui has been tested and good but the actual release is in the hands of the devs...any idea when it's being implemented?
Dexaran: We are making some final tweaks, I think it can be finished in a week or two depending on what other tasks UI devs will have.
Q: when you reveal your identity. How do you think this will affect the project?
Dexaran: I don't know honestly. Anonymity grants you a lot of benefits that I'm not sure I want to give up.
Q: #Dexaran Good evening. Is the public transport project in Prague still valid?
Dexaran: We are not actively working on it but it is not cancelled.
Q: Are you planning to add new coins/tokens to ?
Dexaran: Yes, we are planning to continue listings. Honestly I was in favor of free-of-charge listings so that anyone would be capable of listing anything without restrictions
We are planning to make SOY multichain. It will be deployed to BSC, ETH and ETC chains
Q: EVM is about 92 networks. Maybe build bridges to the most popular networks first?
Dexaran: What other "worthy" EVM networks do you have in mind?
Q: The main thing i notice is that you're getting lost in work and for me that's a more than positive sign, what would explicitly help to get ahead? more devs ?
Dexaran: I also think that the peoples need should be more in focus but the blog doesnt work that well or people need an easier way.
We experienced a lot of organizational issues in CLO since the very beginning because the project was mainly separated into two independant parts - mine and Yohans.
Now we have everything working together and this is no longer an issue.
So I hope that we can move forwards with this. Definitely new devs would help (well, competent ones I mean). However we are capable of handling everything without current team I suppose. We need more time.
Q: Could clo chain ever have a card or partnership with visa? Once more projects are bridged to clo chain won't be a need to leave the network really. Especially for us UK bunch as banks it's difficult to withdraw now card is usefull. Don't know if that's a plan you guys had In mind
Dexaran: This is a nice idea but we don't have any immediate plans for this. We will discuss it in the team.
Q: Also dexaran do you ever have a plan to come out the shadows?
Dexaran: Not now. especially after I was criticizing Russian government
Q: What should improve significantly in my opinion is the callsito brand, you should also be made into a brand or more your pseudonym 😅 people love brands
Dexaran: Yeah I know. I need to devote more time to "my brand" and I was writing about it in my recent article.
I'm working on it as you can see.
Thank you, time is always the answer (meaning this in positive way) crypto is sadly in some way still in her baby shoes and need to evolve
Thank you all for not asking "wen lambo" question. It's my first AMA that offered me a grace not to answer it
I appreciate your participation, especially I see that there are participants who have been in the project for a very long time or from the very beginning.
This is truly inspiring to see how the community evolves and the reaction and sentiment change and still see familiar members among us
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