Callisto Monthly - November 2022

Welcome to your December issue of Callisto Monthly, a look at what has been happening in the world of Callisto over the last month.

This month, we start with…

Faster Than a Speeding Blockchain

Speed, cost, and security – the Three Musketeers of blockchain technology.

Alas, a few blockchains have managed to link all three together. Most get two right but fail to accomplish the third. Bitcoin, for instance, has cost and security nailed down but fails at speed. Ethereum has … well, unsure at the moment. Assuming ETH 2.0 succeeds, Ethereum will have conquered speed and cost, but there remain questions about the security of proof-of-stake protocols.

Callisto is out to wrap all three into what would become a fast and inexpensive network secured by proof-of-work protocol, the safest blockchain protocol yet invented.

It’s known as ZPoW, or Z Proof-of-Work, and once it’s up and running, Callisto will be capable of up to 100,000 transactions per second at a cost not much different than what the network currently charges. And we all know Callisto is already among the very safest blockchains that exist.

The “Z” in ZPoW comes from the brains behind the technological improvement, Dr. ZS joined the Callisto Network team as a specialist in mathematics and technology. He has extensive experience in new technologies and cryptocurrencies, mainly focused on applied economic theories such as monetary policy.

In the first of a series of articles on ZPoW, Dr. ZS explains why blockchains have speed limitations, the tradeoffs between speed and block size, and how block-size optimization is the path toward Callisto’s end goal of finally wrapping speed, cost, and security into one blockchain. You can read Dr. ZS’ report here.

Weaving a Web of Beauty

Callisto Network has launched a new webpage, and even though we’re clearly biased, it’s a thing of beauty.

The design is sleek, uber-modern, and engaging. It’s built to serve the entire community—from developers wanting to build on the network to miners making it secure to community members.

You’ll also find everything important to the Callisto ecosystem, from the Callisto Network explorer to various DApps and wallets that work with your favorite blockchain.

Though the website is new, the team will continue tweaking and improving the functionality for the community.

13,019 Investors Can’t Be Wrong

That’s the number of investors who participated in the recent Callisto Network Startup Free Offering event held in collaboration with crypto exchange

The event was’s way of adding Callisto to the exchange’s platform and a way to introduce Gate customers to the CLO token.

And clearly, customers were excited by Callisto Network's arrival. Callisto Network put up $80,000 worth of CLO tokens to be split among all those who participated in the event by staking US Dollar Token.

Combined, those 13,019 investors put nearly $38.7 million to work in order to claim their piece of CLO. Mathematically, that means investors oversubscribed by more than 48,300%. A huge success. It demonstrates that Callisto Network is expanding awareness, which can only help the value of CLO tokens in the long run.

AMA: Vladimir and Dexaran vs. The World

In mid-November, Vladimir Vencalek, Callisto’s COO, and Dexaran, the pseudonymous COO of the network, participated in the last Callisto AMA, answering questions from the CLO community spread across the globe.

The community dished up an abundance of questions, many of them quite insightful, including one from an admin in an Ethereum-mining chatroom who noted that the ETH community too often thinks that anything that is not ETH is not worthy of acknowledgement.

Dexaran, who comes out of the ETH and ETH Classic universe, noted that this “crypto tribalism” is a hurdle that will potentially hold back the entire crypto ecosystem, and it’s why CLO and SOY have been busy in 2022 building cross-chain functionality and token bridges that allow investors to freely and easily move between the various opportunities that exist on the various blockchains.

You can read all the AMA questions and answers here.

What’s in Your Wallet?

As an increasing number of NFT collections move onto the Callisto blockchain, a clear need is growing for a wallet that provides an easy-to-buy, hold, and interact with your NFTs. To that end, Callisto is working on this from two ends.

The SOY Finance team is working on a marketplace similar to those found on Ethereum, Solana, Aptos, and other blockchains, while one of Callisto Network developers has built a decentralized wallet for Callistonians, which you can see here.

Ultimately, the best of both projects will be merged into one, offering Callisto community members seamless experiences in buying, selling, trading, and displaying an NFT collection.

And speaking of wallets … Absolute Wallet recently held two votes among community members to gauge their interest in integrating new coin options into the wallet.

In the first vote, Aptos and Celo were the top two winners. In the second vote, the top two slots went for Aurora and Boba. So, Absolute Wallet owners now have four new coins that they can store in their wallet.

Meanwhile, Back at the SOY Ranch…

SOY Finance has launched an airdrop for those who are providing liquidity to the BitTorrent – Callisto pool ($BTT - $CLO). You’re getting a 30% boost to the farming rate.

As well, the SOY Finance website is becoming more user-friendly with new sections on Cold Staking, the top Yield Farming APRs, and a running count of how many SOY tokens have been burned.

Mastering Masternode Tokenomics

Finally, this month, Callisto Network released an introduction to Masternode tokenomics.

The first Masternodes are launching in mid-December, and this document has everything you need to know to understand the reward mechanism when operating a Masternode to help create an even-stronger CLO network based on secure, distributed edge-computing architecture.

And with that, we wrap up the December Callisto update. We hope you have great holiday season, and we will talk to you again in the New Year.

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