Callisto Monthly - April 2022

Welcome to the second issue of Callisto Monthly, highlighting what’s happening in the world of Callisto and a peek at what’s coming up.

This month, we start with…

A Happy Anniversary

Four years ago—in spring 2018—a new network joined the world of blockchain technology…Callisto Network.

It all started with the now-infamous DAO Hack that saw Ethereum Classic split away from the Ethereum network. And from ETC sprang Callisto.

In its four short years, Callisto has launched a variety of innovations and projects. That includes the new CallistoNFT standard and the launch of Soy Finance, a new standard in decentralized finance that relies on the ERC223 standard that, among improvements, prevents a crypto user from accidentally sending tokens to the wrong crypto address.

Question is: What do the next four years hold?

How Do You Say “Soy Finance” In Korean?

Soy Finance is now available in six languages, with Korean being the latest to the join community.

Soy chose to create a Korean language landing page because of the size of South Korea’s blockchain footprint. Though the country is small in size (#107 in the world in terms of landmass), the country ranks among the three largest players in crypto. More than 10% of South Koreans are invested in cryptocurrencies, nearly 10% of global trading volume occurs through South Korean crypto-exchanges, and the South Korean currency, the won, is among the most traded currencies for bitcoin.

So, it only makes sense that Soy Finance would cater to the South Korean community, since they represent one of the most important and most active communities in the crypto-sphere.

Along with Korean, Soy Finance is now available in English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Ukrainian, and Russian. More languages are on the way.

Staking Soy Goes Live

Keeping with Soy Finance for a moment longer, Soy Staking is now available for those seeking to earn a bit of passive income from the Soy tokens they own.

The process is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Soy Staking features a 36x multiplier that makes Soy one of the most profitable staking pools in DeFi today. Stakers must choose how long they wish to stake their Soy – from 1 month to 6 months. The staking period chosen determines the multiplier earned.

The great advantage of staking Soy is that this is “cold staking,” a protocol developed by Callisto Network back in 2018. The upshot of cold staking is that the protocol has never been hacked or compromised, a claim that too many other staking/farming protocols cannot make.

Callisto Goes Gaming

Esports Innovation Group (EIG) recently invested in Callisto Enterprise as it seeks to build out its “Esport as a Service” ecosystem.

EIG develops in-house technology for its own esports products, and brings a platform of services to companies wanting to enter the esports arena with their own offerings.

By investing in, and partnering with Callisto, EIG significantly increases its developer capabilities that it can then offer to businesses and gamers globally. In particular, EIG sees that Callisto Network’s speed and ultra-low transaction costs is highly beneficial to esports gaming, where speed is paramount, and where transaction costs must be low to facilitate multiple in-game purchases that are necessary to propel many esports business models on Web3.

For Callisto, EIG’s investment is a vote of confidence in the up-and-coming network. It gives Callisto entry into the fast-growing and large esports and gaming world – a world that now represents more than $20 billion in combined annual revenue. Even a small slice of that means big profits for Callisto.

The First “We Fund You” Awards

Callisto Enterprise has announced the winners of the first We Fund You awards, which are aimed at bringing innovation to the Callisto Network.

The first winners are:

Gat Network, a next-generation, crypto-asset marketplace and NFT toolbox. Gat received $50,000 in funding that will see “game minting,” “layered minting,” and “claimable NFTs” come to the Callisto Network.

PowerCar, an NFT-based, gamified racing program that originally launched on the Callisto Network. PowerCar received $25,000 and technical/marketing support as it aims to increase use-cases for NFT owners, including the ability to rent PowerCars to other gamers as a way to generate passive income. The team will also integrate PowerCars into Soy Finance to marry DeFi with gaming, which is a growing trend in both the NFT and DeFi spaces.

Teramite, which offers courses designed to teach younger generations about cryptocurrencies, encryption, programming, mathematics, and investing. Teramite, begun by two teenagers (16 and 17 years old), received $25,000 plus technical/marketing support. Teramite users will operate with the Teramite token, which in turn will run through CryptoBot. That ultimately promotes the Callisto Ecosystem among younger generations.

Soy Finance – Auto Harvesting/Auto-Compound, which, as its name implies, allows Soy Finance yield farmers to auto-harvest and auto-compound the Soy tokens they stake. The grant was for $10,000 to build out the smart-contract necessary to run these features.

The next found of We Fund You applications are already arriving, and we will have more winners next quarter.


Vladimir: The Media Star

CNN’s Prima News Czech division recently ran a segment in its weekly “Krypta” show dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious, pseudonymous creator of bitcoin. As part of the show, Callisto Enterprise CEO, Vladimir Vencalek, made an appearance to share his thoughts on bitcoin’s mystery man.

But this wasn’t just a quick sound-bite. Far from it.

The show’s host spent almost fully one-half of the 10-minute segment in the studio, chatting with Vladimir about Satoshi.

Maybe the studio lights and makeup have Vladimir thinking of becoming a TV star now?

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