๐Ÿ’šCallisto Charity Efforts

From the very beginning, crypto was always about โ€œthe peopleโ€โ€”a way to decentralize money that was being destroyed by governments. Along the way, crypto has expanded its mission, providing new ways for communities to form and for people to reach out to one another along paths that were never possible.

One of those paths is decentralized charity.

Crypto has allowed organizations to form spontaneously, globally, and almost instantaneously to raise money to help others in needโ€”anywhere in the world.

To that end, Callisto Network and Soy Finance its DeFi division launched a charity arm called One Earth, One Heart. Its aim is to raise awareness of global suffering and to remind people of the reality that we all share one planet and we all need to spread one love.

Over the last year, One Earth, One Heart has raised $60,000, with every penny of that donated to charitable causes, as proven on the blockchain.

One of our biggest efforts has been our response to the conflict in Ukraine. As a company based in the Czech Republic and with employees based in both Ukraine and Russia, this conflict hits very close to home for us. As such, through One Earth, One Heart Callisto Network and Soy Finance set out to relieve some of the human suffering across the affected regions. Callisto and Soy have done so through internal company efforts and by reaching out to the Callisto Network and Soy Finance communities.

Just recently, for instance, Soy Finance donated 300,000 Czech crowns (about $13,500) to the Rybiฤka Teplice Charity, a humanitarian association caring for 15 orphans from war zones across Ukraine. With the funds provided, Rybiฤka Teplice has been able to renovate a building; provide for the orphans a home with daily meals, blankets, mattresses, and pillows; and provide a couple of rooms for mothers with children in a house is safe and where they have already created their own little community to help each other navigate a new life in a new country.

These arenโ€™t just โ€œexpensesโ€ that prove where money was spent.

Theyโ€™re stories of real children impacted by real events that have torn apart their homeland and their families โ€ฆ what this charity is really all about.

Because of the efforts of the Callisto and Soy communities, Rybiฤka Teplice is giving these orphans a safe place to live and a caring environment, where they have hot meals, groceries, and access to hygiene. Theyโ€™re provided with leisure activities including trips to a local swimming pool, cinema, and various sports activities. Theyโ€™re also provided with online lessons from Ukraine.

โ€œWe spend a lot of time with them and try not to miss them so much,โ€ the charity described in a letter to Callisto. โ€œThey have been with us for over a month now. [They play] sports, they train 3 times a week in the judo club [in] Teplice, and every weekend they go to competitions and are successful. We would be very happy if you would like to come and see for yourself that the amount you sent really helped. The children are very nice and grateful.โ€

In another example, Callisto Network and Soy Finance donated $11,500 to SOS: The Civil Defense Headquarters, a charity that seeks help refugees fleeing the conflict find accommodation and jobs in the Czech Republic, among other initiatives.

The funds Callisto and Soy provided has helped SOS expand its ability to help those displaced by the conflict in Ukraineโ€™s western region of Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Early in the war, Callisto, Soy, and the Callisto Network community raised $40,000 to provide humanitarian aid to people affected on both sides of the war across Ukraine and the heavily impacted Donbass region. As part of that effort, Soy Finance launched a line of 10 charity NFTs that so far has raised nearly 431,000 CLO tokens, or about $1,000, from the community.

And in a symbolic show of cross-cultural unity, Soy Finance translated its website into both Ukrainian and Russian as a show of our โ€œone loveโ€ ideal.

We donโ€™t assume that our charity efforts will change the face of war. But we do know for a fact that the money we and our big-hearted community members have raised are helping to ease the pain and suffering of people whose lives have been upended by this conflict.

So, we continue with our One Earth, One Heart efforts to spread one love.

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