Callisto Monthly - February 2023

Welcome to your March issue of Callisto Monthly, a look at what has been happening recently inside Callisto Network.

First up, the biggest news of the month…

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

And his name is Laurent Riche, better known to Callistonians as Tonton.

Tonton steps into the role of CEO that was recently vacated when Michael Broda stepped aside. Michael’s departure was planned from early on, as he originally joined the Callisto team to help the network pursue venture-capital funding, one of Michael’s skill sets.

Callisto will continue to work with Michael and Esports Innovation Group, but as he steps down Tonton now steps up. The French-born, Tonton began his journey with Callisto Network as a member of the community—a Callistonian! He progressed to community manager, then into the role as head of marketing.

Now, Tonton jumps into the role CEO of the whole network with big ideas that start with getting smaller. Through his time with Callisto, he has come to know intimately all of the company’s many projects, some of which make a great deal of sense for the future of the network … and some of what seem to be more of a distraction without a lot of potential payoff.

As such, Tonton aims to scale back Callisto’s efforts to refocus on what made the project so appealing to begin with. So, stay tuned as Tonton leads Callisto into a brighter future. (By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what “Tonton” means … it’s French for “uncle.”)

Next up…

He Shoots … He Scores!

Callisto Network has been participating in the Crypto World Cup, which pits Callisto, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Solana, and others in a World Cup-style, animated competition. It’s tagged as “the world’s greatest blockchains competing to win the greatest title of all.”

Callisto joined the games in early February and faced off against Ethereum Classic, the blockchain that originally gave birth to Callisto. You might call it a grudge match between David & Goliath—a top 800 blockchain vs. a top 20 juggernaut.

CLO started the scoring with a screamer into the lower right hand corner of the net from just outside the box.

Alas, ETH Classic leveled the score by stealing a weak distribution from the CLO keeper, and sent the ball ripping into the back of the net.

Final: A hard-fought 1-1 draw.

Still waiting to see who CLO matches up against next.

Moving on to…

The Final Countdown: ERC 223

Callisto CTO Dexaran has performed the final iteration of the coding behind ERC 223—a protocol improvement aimed at addressing one of the biggest concerns in the cryptosphere: Missent tokens.

In simple terms, ERC 223 creates a new framework in which a receiving contract can reject a misdirected transaction. When a crypto user sends an ERC 223 token to a particular contract, that contract receives notice that an event is happening — that a token is being sent. If the contract is prepared to accept tokens, all is fine, and the transaction completes. If, however, the contract is not designed to accept a token deposit, it will reject the transaction. Though the gas fee is lost, the tokens are not transferred; thus, the user does not lose his/her crypto.

That’s different from the current ERC 20 standard, in which a receiving contract is not made aware that an event is happening. It simply receives the tokens sent, regardless of whether it is designed to receive tokens or not. If it’s not designed to receive them, then those tokens become trapped in the contract, and for all intents and purposes are permanently lost.

As such, ERC 223 is a much needed improvement that will become increasingly important as the mass market filters into cryptocurrencies over the remainder of this decade. Risk of token/coin loss remains a big fear. Negating that fear will be increasingly important.

Next we have…

Absolute Wallet News

Absolute Wallet has been on an absolute tear in recent weeks.

The most exciting news is CryptoFolio, a bot that can track all the cryptocurrencies in your wallet without having to leave Telegram. So far, 35 CryptoFolio supports 35 blockchains, though that number is continually growing. You can find out more here.

Absolute Wallet also recently ran a “Share Your Ideas” contest, seeking from the community ideas on how to improve the Absolute Wallet ecosystem. Two winners were announced, each of whom received 50 USDT.

Finally, in the fifth round of community voting, the Optimism Chain and Wanchain were selected for integration into Absolute Wallet … and that has now been accomplished.

Moving on to…

SOY On CoinMarketCap! (And Other SOY News)

CoinMarketCap has finally gotten around to updating the SOY token contract so that it is properly shown in the leading cryptocurrency-tracking website.

Now, SOY is correctly listed as being on the Callisto Network and the EthereumClassic chain. That, in turn, enables Trust Wallet to accurately track SOY in its charting function.

Elsewhere, we have launched the SOY Lottery. Tickets are 250 SOY and players can buy up to 25 tickets per transaction. Players have the potential to win one of three prize levels, based on matching 1, 2, or 3 numbers. Full rules are here.

We also recently launched Callisto Hub, a comprehensive platform that provides Callistonians a streamlined and secure way to manage their digital assets. Users can connect to the Hub by way of Metamask or WalletConnect.

Through the Hub, users can manage a variety of crypto tasks: Easily view their assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs; track balances in real-time; trade NFTs through a peer-to-peer mechanism; send any token to another address; and manage Callisto Cold Staking. The Hub also allows users to manage a wallet-address book for added convenience.

A final SOY note: The 8th and 9th waves of CLO Cold Staker distributions have gone out. The 8th wave saw 250,081 SOY airdropped to 19,629 Callistonians, while the 9th wave saw 250,477 SOY airdropped to 19,628 Callistonians.

Next up…

It’s All About the Security

Callisto Network Security Department completed three smart-contract audits in February: PandAI, the Gems & Goblins ICO, and BloomThis NFT.

In short, only low-severity issues were found with PandAI and Gem & Goblins. If you want to read the full reports, they are here, here, and here.

And with that, we close the book with February and look forward to an exciting rest of the year as Tonton steers Callisto toward an even brighter future.

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