Callisto Team's Welcome AMA on 10/11/2022

On November 10, 2022, Vladimir Vencalek and Dexaran answered questions from the community.

Admin: Welcome to the Callisto Network team AMA!

Thank you all for joining us today. We all have seen the recent growth of our community since the startup was announced a few days ago so we decided to show some CLOve to all of our dedicated community along with a special welcome to our newest members with this “Welcome to Callisto Network AMA!”

Originally our fearless CEO Michael Broda was planning to attend the AMA but unfortunately his business travel itinerary for Dubai has shifted and he is currently not available at this time so with no further delays we are pleased to introduce today’s guests speakers Vladimir Vencalek COO and Dexaran CSO of Callisto Network.

For the benefit of our new members we will allow our guests to give a brief description of their specialties and background, then we will unmute the chat and the community is encouraged to ask questions that you may have.

As for the AMA Prizes you read about:

The total reward pool is 10,000 $CLO and will be split into 2 parts:

  • CLO Quiz: 5000 in $CLO coins.(first correct answer, 5 questions, 1000 $CLO each)

  • CLO Community questions: 5000 in $CLO coins.(5 best questions, 1000 $CLO each) Only requirement is @AbsoluteWalletBot.

Ladies and gentlemen, the AMA with the Callisto Network team STARTS NOW!

Dexaran: Hello everyone

Vladimir Vencalek: hello

Admin: Vladimir Vencalek COO, for the benefit of those that don’t know who you are, could you share with us your specialties and history please?

Vladimir Vencalek: I was working around 15 years as senior solution architect in enterprise business and im coowner of Invictus group and also you can read about me in Czech Forbes and i have also czech krypto podcast.

Admin: Thank you very much Mr, Vencalek for sharing. Personally speaking, I must admit that I never get tired of reading what you say.

Vladimir Vencalek: Thank you.

Admin: Dexaran CSO, I saved the best for last and anyone that has done DYOR knows you are not only mysterious but legendary as well but for the benefit to those that have not yet done any research can you tell us your skills and history and how the Callisto idea became reality.

Dexaran: I am a pseudonymous developer in crypto community since TheDAO hack (2016). I founded Callisto Network as a sub-project of my ETC development team but later we switched priorities and now Callisto Network is an independant platform.

Currently I'm focused on technical aspects of the project and research of the new development vectors.

Admin: Wow, everytime you tell this story it leaves me speechless which isn’t a good thing for an AMA narrator.

Vladimir Vencalek: by the way Dexaran has great video:

Dexaran: The only video so far. But we will have more in the future.

Vladimir Vencalek: By the way, also Mr. Broda is in forbes

Admin: For those of the community Michael Broda is our CEO and co-founder of eSports EIG.

Gentlemen, we thank each of you for sharing and now we will unmute the chat and allow the community to ask the questions they may have.

So Callistonians, as an incentive for you, the 5 best questions asked by the community will be rewarded 1000 $CLO each but before your questions let's give you 5 questions and the first correct answer for each one by a community member will be rewarded 1000 $CLO.

Well community, put your thinking caps on as I open the questions envelope.

Oh, I see the first is an easy one to get you warmed up.

  • Question #1 - Total blockchains you can buy CLO or Wrapped CLO on?

Answer: 5 (ETC, CLO, ETH, BNB, BTT).

  • Question #2 - What year was Callisto Cold Staking launched?

Answer: 2018.

  • Question #3 - ZPoW technology will allow Callisto Network to reach how many transactions without compromising the security that Callisto Network is known for?

Answer: 100,000.

  • Question #4 - Name two of the NFT projects currently active on Callisto Network

Answer: Vip Warz & Artefin

  • Question #5 - What is the current coin ranking of $CLO on Coinmarketcap?

Answer: 487.

Congratulations to the community winners that were the first correct answer of each question and as much as I CLOve giving you Tonton’s $CLO coins I want to move forward to my personal favorite part of the AMA and that’s when we hear from you and for the best 5 questions we’ll give you more of Tonton’s $CLO coins.

Callistonians go ahead with your questions and if you want an individual speaker to reply please indicate by directing your question to that guest. Please be respectful and give our guests the time to respond and also do not repeat questions. Thank you!

Q: Hoping to get more info on zPOW - on new website there is a line that says: "Clients can leverage learning, artificial intelligence, and much more. (Yes, even run a minecraft server.)"

Can you explain? Thanks

Vladimir Vencalek: We have complex plan that will use computing power from mining for many other thinks like rendering, ai, etc. so this is still the plan we are working on...

Q: What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?

Vladimir Vencalek: The more usecases we will get, the higher utility and we hope also higher price :)

Q: @dexaran any news on DexNS ? Because @alexscoing asked yesterday

Dexaran: DexNS beta is deployed - if he wants to use it then he can use it right now. It is likely that it will be re-deployed but there will be no structural changes. Just a new contract address and refreshed names. All DexNS beta name bids will be refunded.

Currently I was working on a EOS contract audit, then there are SBT update, NFT slight fixes on my tasklist and then I can re-deploy the DexNS.

So far there was not so much interest and it was moved lower with its priority.

Q: Can we have a guide? 😅

Dexaran: Yes, after I will finish my higher priority tasks I can write the guideline

Q: @cReepass We can see last three days, how the market was and still hot bearish, everything dumping deeply. But very remarkable how $CLO resisting, less than -10% when others alts and big ones are deep down and also BTC with -15%. What could explain this outperformance and resistance from Callisto network coin $CLO?

Vladimir Vencalek: Its simple, 99,6 percent projects in crypto are scams.... so if project is not scam its much more stable....

Q: COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Dexaran: I would not say that COVID19 directly affects crypto anyhow. The global impact on economic system can affect crypto as a side effect but we have no extra plans to deal with it. We are moving as planned

Q: Nowadays, "inflation" is a very frequently used word. What are the steps Callisto Network has taken for it ?

Vladimir Vencalek: This is great question. We have dynamic monetary policy, that helps us to create deflation and make callisto valuable in time.

Also Skuld HF will introduce the MP with burning mechanims to reduce the supply to 3 billion in long term.

Q: Hi to all, many nice things happening in Callisto ecosystem. Vladimir, Dexaran, how was last month or so on your new positions? Hopefully new CEO managed to relieve you of some pressure.

Dexaran: I'm doing the same things as before. For me nothing changes - just the name of my position.

Q: Dex I seen your post on ethereum reddit that was down voted into hell. Can u explain? Why? It was a useful info so I was surprised by the reaction

Dexaran: which one? SOY announcement?

Q: Yes

Dexaran: I was surprised as well. Honestly I don't understand why they opposed my announcement that much

Q: Dex how much % down votes?

Dexaran: 46%. So it's almost 1:1 people who support and oppose our news. But we dont need anyone's approval to do what we think is necessary.

Q: I'm admin also of an eth mining chat and sometimes it seems like they think anything that is not eth is not good, so very hard they accept something coming from outside eth world.

Dexaran: Yea, it's called "crypto tribalism"

But my ideology is different - divided we fail. So we'd better focus on cooperation. Thats why we are spreading our ecosystem's advantages and pursuing crosschains / bridges / integrations etc

Q: You have said that Mining Callisto is open for everyone, how can we start mining in Callisto? What are the minimum characteristics of my hardware to be able to start mining? How accessible is it?

Vladimir Vencalek:

Q: What about security department?

Vladimir Vencalek: received additional funding and is expanding.

Q: @Dexaran you’re one of the most experienced dev that callisto team has. Since DAO hack in 2016, knowing you as a legend of $ETC co-founder of callisto network, having contributed in $EOS and others great achievements up to now. 2022 makes us see how crypto industry is tough, from Luna crash to FTX death now. This will once more slow down the adoption of cryptos, and for that we need reliable technology and more security in the future. Do you think callisto network could build this kind of tech that won’t crash in the future ? ZPOW for instance is something huge, but will it last, work fine and gives new good experiences to crypto community ? Because we need now more than ever something secure and reliable

Dexaran: What we have seen is that business models of these projects fail:

Luna crash => business model / tokenomics fail

3AC => business model fail

FTX => business model fail

We haven't seen any examples of protocol-level things failing (except Solana). These technical things are very carefully tested and debugged millions of times before going live so I would not expect any failures from technical side. And ZPOW is a technical feature.

Q: Is everything on track for masternode launch. when can we expect more info regarding masternodes? is it possible to provide our own "server" (hardware) or masternodes or is it better to rent cloud type?

Vladimir Vencalek: we will see it when we will enter testing. The masternodes have important position in our ecosystem as they help to speed up and secure some type of transactions.

Q: Hey Callisto team, how are you taking the market situation? Any plans to try to sustain the price of CLO?

Vladimir Vencalek: Price is growing so we thing we are doing fine :)

Also CLO is deflationary coin.

Q: How can we buy $CLO? What are the payment methods you accept? Is it only possible to buy $CLO with stable coins or through other tokens? Or is it possible to use credit or debit cards?

Vladimir Vencalek: All options are open. You are welcom to buy CLO on tomorow or bitfinex today.

Q: Will tx fees remain low, would a large market cap and price reflect on higher tx fees?

Vladimir Vencalek: we do belive based on our simulations, that even the CLO price will be over 10 USD the TX fees will be still fine.

Q: Hello, are you planning to create staking CLOE?

Vladimir Vencalek: CLOE is connected to masternodes and we will release bigger plan once its ready.

Q: will 11 dev masternodes require locking od funds?

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes

Q: @Dexaran Once more the FTX death shows us CEX is not the solution to our crypto world. DeFi is then our future for sure, but really need to be strengthened to face this demand, according to all the insecurities we noticed lately with DeFi. We’re not at AMA. But could we expect $soy as a future of DeFi with big security and new features for users experiences?

Dexaran: "the future of DeFi" is determined by adoption. We are doing our best to spread our services - we are planning to deploy SOY on ETH and everywhere possible

We are investigating new smart-contract development platforms and we are staying up-to-date within the evolving ecosystem of crypto markets

however its hard to say what will happen in the future... until it happens.

Q: Nice project What are you planning for this project in the future? I'm new here

Vladimir Vencalek:

  • Q4 2022 => Masternodes Launch

  • Q4 2022 => Hack Investigation Department

  • Q4 2022 => Security Department V2

  • Q4 2022 => New Monetary Policy

  • Q4 2022 => Migration Service

  • Q1 2023 => ZPoW implementation

  • Q1 2023 => Distributed Insurance

Q: What about hack investigation department, what task will it have?

Dexaran: It is a component of Insurance System. If we will introduce "anti-hack insurance" and something gets hacked - then we need investigate if they hacked themselves and pretend to get insuarnce funds or they really suffered from issues that were not uncovered during the audit

Vladimir Vencalek: there are some parts of Business model that will benefit CLO and CLOE a lot, that are not public now and will be released as soon as it will be final.

Q: Will it offer services for highly professional tasks

Vladimir Vencalek: We already do that in testing in czech rep. for limited amouth of clients.

Vladimir Vencalek: By the way, everyone should know about big news. This project runs on Callisto Network.

Dexaran: That's why I will be focused on NFT/SBT update guys. GamersPassport will rely on what we do with NFT/SBTs. DexNS is next by priority.

Q: What about with bridge on 5 other chain in 2022

Dexaran: I was planning to develop a bridge with non-EVM networks.





It's still planned but I'm not working on it right now. Currently our bridge structure requires the other chain to be EVM-compatible.

Q: Bridge on Polygon, avalanche, aurora, fantom and cronos are planed on 2022. If trust in strategic plan.

Dexaran: We will be working on what is decided taking into account marketing, business perspectives as well. I'm not making decisions on my own ignoring anything around...

From my personal point of view it would be better to focus on non-EVM chain bridge development.

I am not currently working on any bridge modifications. So I can't reveal any more details right now because the decision is not yet made.

Q: So my understanding is that the roadmap doesn’t reflect the new business plan. Since we have not seen the new one. What is on the priority list?

Vladimir Vencalek: New CEO is still working on reworking the BP and all departments are working with him.

Dexaran: Please wait for the official announcement. We are not reworking the roadmap under the hood - but it is subject to change if the situation on the market will change. For example I am investigating the new smart-contract development platform

Q: Thx for In yours opinion another CEX listings are posible in this year?

Vladimir Vencalek: This year or Q1 next year we plan bigger CEX. but is great exchange and we look forward where it will lead us.

This is current pre-heat,

Q: @dexaran do u think total eclipse feature will be available to users someday?

Vladimir Vencalek: This feature is not officially supported by the core team. But we do belive there are many ways how to protect privacy by working with tools that are present.

Dexaran: If it will not cut out our current opportunities - yes. There are entities on the market that strongly oppose privacy chains.

It's all about which pros and cons are more important for us at the moment

Q: Could the community continue with development?

Vladimir Vencalek: yes, also i do belive some dev team contacted us and maybe they are working on it.

Q: They could try to get "we fund you" if it wouldnt fall back on the main project when regulation goes hard against privacy but would be nice... Anyone can develope on the callisto network chain.

Q: @dexaran you speak like there are internal splits in the team. Is it true?

Dexaran: No. It is a normal part of any development process - people have opinions and all options are evaluated and taken into account.

Vladimir Vencalek: True.

Q: @dexaran do you like your current team? You changed many people from the start in your project and is it now better than on start?

Dexaran: Yes, I like the current state of our team. We suffered a lot of organizational issues during the first stages of the project and it is now much better.

I would say that there are people in Callisto who are willing to do something valuable, something that we all can be proud of. This is a small detail of a smaller project - there are a lot of people who are here because they want to be here, not because of money or prestige.

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes this what i personally like the most on current team.

Q: Any closer dates or details in regards to Master Nodes?

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes soon there will be article from DR. ZS. (by the way he is real DR.)

Q: can you elaborate a bit on 4M$ investment in Callisto. how will it be spent?

Vladimir Vencalek: we estimate 2m for developers and 2m for marketing

@cReepass I have read that u have raised 4 million euro for Callisto Network is it right ?

Vladimir Vencalek: for callisto enterprise but yes it will be used to boost developement and marketing.

Q: What are your predictions for the price of clo by the end of this year?

Vladimir Vencalek: I dont have predictions like that, but i personally believe CLO belongs to top 20 coins and its just about time to be there.

Q: Any crypto casinos accepting Callisto?

Vladimir Vencalek: i think there is one dev team that will publish one soon

Q: Immortal lottery should become a meme. When lambo? When lottery?

Dexaran: This happens when your community asks for "insides" and you share info that is planned but you are not sure you will be on time.

Q: One more question for @Dexaran ,

What is your top current priority?


  1. SBT contract update

  2. NFT review (we have a number of small fixes to merge)

  3. SBT test launch on CLO or other chains

Vladimir Vencalek: We are also testing HF for L1.

Admin: And that's it for today’s AMA Callistonians! Thanks to the Callisto Network guest speakers for their time and to all participants for their contributions and questions today.

Dexaran: Thank you everyone

Vladimir Vencalek: Thank you guys and girls :)

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