Callisto Team's Ask Me Anything on 04/05/2023

On May 04, 2023, The Callisto Network team answered questions from the community. Here is the recap

Comment: Let's welcome our CEO @TontonBenz

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Thank you John

Some updates are coming!

Dr. ZS: Hello Everyone!!

Gary J - Admin: Welcome to the Callisto Network AMA!

We have seen many recent changes and to help explain to our community, I am pleased to introduce the Callisto Network team!!

Please be respectful, give our guests the time to respond, and do not repeat questions. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

๐Ÿš€ As a bonus, we have a 100 USDT prize pool in $CLO for the best questions and most active participants!

Callistonians, the AMA with Callisto Network STARTS NOW!

Dexaran: Hello Community

Gary J - Admin: Welcome everyone, Please be respectful with everyone your queries will be answered!

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Hello Callistonians!

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Guys today we are going to share some of the progress we have made lately ๐Ÿ™‚

Gary J - Admin: Let's give tonton the floor please

Question: Why are switching from pow to pos? Is the gas fee gonna increase?

Dr. ZS: POS is the future! It is eco-friendlier and uses the computing resources to perform operations that are needed. POS has many advantages compared to PoW and we should follow this path. And you know even Vitalik Buterin this is what he says. But we don't plan to stay simply as a small brother of ETH. We want to create something complementary and unique. Something similar to the notion of a World Computer.

Question: There are few projects aiming the same goals, what would distinguish CallistoNetwork from the other one?

Dr. ZS: Z consensus OFC regarding scalability and innovation with cloud native applications and Kubernetes for their Orchestration

Question: How will that increase the value of the network and what will be the real life use cases?

Dr. ZS: Real life use cases???? I will describe to you a simple example. Think of autonomous driving. It needs computing resources as close as possible to the car. Is this possible in a centralized manner? I mean can an operator have these resources everywhere? OFC no! This market we are going to create. Every new and emerging application needs such an infrastructure!

Question: Yeah, we don't need to be under anyone's shadow. Let's rise and shine. Let's create history in cryptocurrency

Dr. ZS: Exactly! And you know what this is what we are working on. With a new consensus - the Z Consensus - We can follow a different path and increase transaction scalability following a different path than sharding (Eth solution) Which in our case is also more secure. Based on our research we can increase many many times the trx throughput with the security level of Bitcoin

Question: Are we going to Prague blockchain meetup on June 2023

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: On the 13 of May we will attend a Czech crypto conference and will be showcasing Absolute Wallet, unfortunately I forgot the name of that conf, so I can't tell you if we are talking about the same.

Comment: Its on June, I will send details bit later. See if team can attend. Thanks

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Amazing, thank you mate

Question: What is DexNS, and how will it reinvent the way users interact with crypto wallets on Callisto Network?

Dexaran: DexNS is a naming service.

Instead of operating with "0x024181585211259..." addresses you will be able to send funds by human-readable 'names' like "dexaran" and it will automatically replace "dexaran" => "0x01000215ab1529cff..." address

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Guys! I'd like to share an update with you. We've revamped our audit report template to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Check out the new template with the USDC example:

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Audits are a major source of SEO for our website, and we're continuously working on optimizing the experience. We're also collaborating with Etherscan to get our audits listed on their platform. It's a time-consuming process, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Also, check this:

Currently, Etherscan is reviewing another 5 of our audits, once approved it would be about 25 CLO audits on their platform.

We'll keep working hard to make further progress in this area!

Comment: That's Great effort there, it would bring more awareness Period

Comment: It will be great to have same for BSC scan and Callisto explorer for sure

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: It's the case you can find the Trust Wallet audit report there!

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Let's check some questions and I will share some Soy Finance updates

Question: Hello! Do you plan to start staking CLOE and when?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: It's planned with Immortal Lottery yes, and we plan it for this quarter

Question: Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: In this order:

2-Empowering Platform Development - Developing a strong environment to attract developers and projects.

3-Building Community Trust - Building a strong user base by engaging with the community and meeting the deadlines.

4-Expanding Partnership Globally - partnering with projects that will allow us to have more visibility as security experts.

1-Increasing Price & Value - it will come with all the above.

Vladimir Vencalek: Hello

Question: Hello Sir, what are updates on choam ๐Ÿ˜

Vladimir Vencalek: [ Album ]

Comment: That's great progress. If we have a channel and progress updates. Investors will be very happy to see them . thanks again

Vladimir Vencalek: Data Centers are almost ready and we will communicate to choam holders more info once its ready

Question: Can we buy choam now?

Vladimir Vencalek: No it's not possible and it will not be possible :-(

Question: Finally, many thanks, still what will the data center work with?

Vladimir Vencalek: We will present the whole dc information once its ready...

Question: Till the end of this year...๐Ÿ™‚

Vladimir Vencalek: I think faster, but its not only on us, but also on our business partner

Question: What do you think about your main competitors?

Dexaran: In regards to audits our main competitors are obviously other auditing companies. Like CertiK, Halborn Security etc. The auditing space is corrupted nowadays as "audits" are commonly used as a marketing feature to tell your users that you are a serious company. It is common for an auditor to write what the requester wants (because they are paid by the requestor). Our competitors are mostly focused on suiting requestors needs. We are focused on users of the DAPPs that we audit.

Dexaran: like you know, $30,000,000+ were lost due to ERC20 because its a flawed standard and did anyone reported it?

Question: What? Erc20?


Dr. ZS: But in the end there are no competitors in the crypto ecosystem. With decentralized auditing all we can cooperate for a better future in the crypto ecosystem! Dexaran is among the first who highlighted the need for this!

Dexaran: And with the progress of AI we will probably make a big step towards securing the

ecosystem of the whole industry

Dr. ZS: This will be our present to the Crypto ecosystem! Think of a safety net operated by AI that is able and scalable enough to track everything with no delays : - )

Question: What do you think about your main competitors?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: What is important is what are our advantages over our competitors:

- We have the most experienced security experts in the world => 330 smart contract audits

- We have the best security experts in the world - > 0 hacks

Let's spread the word

Comment: No you don't

Certik has 3000 audits it's 10 times more if you calculate by number of audits

Comment: Mention the hacks from certik first

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: You are talking about automated audit with several hacks, last hack not later than last week

Comment: Do they have a zero hacked score? Because as Dexaran said some operators think only about marketing and not security.....

Question: Is it different then Callisto team audits?

Dexaran: We have different auditing procedures. In our system 2 or 3 auditors review the code independently and then a security auditing manager compares the reports and writes the conclusion

Dexaran: we have this type of "internal competition" as auditors are paid for finding issues that were not reported by their team members

Question: Is it scalable? Manual audits with so much people reviewing just one contract

Dexaran: Well, the higher the demand the more auditors we can hire.

Comment: I would say that the problem is not the product, in that case CallistoNetwork

It's the young people who mostly invest in things with no promises rather than a product who drives this tech forward

Dr. ZS: But in the end who is the winner?

Comment: I hope we can say callisto network someday but as long as you guys keep up with the work, in the long run it could work out

Question: Would they be an integration of AI Tech?

Dr. ZS: YES! Offline and real time smart contract auditing!

Dr. ZS: And the most important AI trained based on the work of Callisto Security auditing department with 0 Hacks track record!

Comment: Important Note The cheapest commission on the market is the Callisto network ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Question: How about user based experience? Would they be a way to better upgrade use?

Dr. ZS: Ofc this can help further Ai using feedback from users

Dexaran: I do admit that it is not the most scalable solution for SMALL projects. Like ICO which are 99% clones of one another. And this is exactly why we are investigating other areas like AI audits

Question: why now audits are paid not in clo, but in eth?

Dexaran: To increase the adoption.There are more people in the world who have ETH than people who have CLO

Question: Callisto is known for its security platform. Even chatgpt talks about it. What do you think your plans are to get it into the top 100 cryptos on the market quickly?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: AI is talking about Callisto Network, and Callisto Network is talking about AI. We are designing a AI model to allow everyone to check the most common flaws of the smart contracts => AI Smart Guard.

Oh, and to use this feature, you will have to pay in CLO.

Comment: That sounds very good

Comment: Right. Im very glad๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Dr. ZS: Yes! Think of different smart contracts that make a network with their interactions. In that case it is easier to examine and find flaws!

Question: Whats your plan to 2024 in callisto๐Ÿ™

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We will announce it as soon we have completed the plan for 2023

Comment: Good job ๐Ÿ‘

Question: Can you tell us How will you deal with inflation in your tokens? Do you have any plans to burn your tokens to reduce the supply and increase their investment attractiveness? When someone deposits money into Callisto , do they have to lock the money for a certain period of time to earn interest? Or can they deposit and withdraw at any time without penalty?

Dr. ZS: Exactly! This is the plan. The years where inflation was driving the price will be gone soon. We will introduce a burning mechanism soon and as more use cases are added in our network and utilization increases, deflation will come!

Dr. ZS: ATM Users have 2 options. 1 to Cold stake where funds are locked OR 2. to go farming with CLO and SOY for example

Question: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

Dexaran: We have a plan to let community manage 25% of the Treasury funding

Vladimir Vencalek: We plan to implement more community feedback

Dexaran: honestly it was the main idea from the very start of the project. But we don't have a suitable model that is guaranteed to work for the ecosystem

Question: What will happen to our cold staking, if there is no mining? Will we go for validators, this is always checking their status, cold staking was much effortless

Vladimir Vencalek: Full monetary policy will be updated and proposed to community for feedback

Dr. ZS: Cold staking will be supported at a protocol level. But don't forget that we can create community pools similar to COld staking that can further increase the network security and will be easyyy to manage!

Comment: Hope to see it

Question: @cReepass @Dexaran you do understand we have more than everything for clo to grow even 0.1$ what is stopping us? It is like bad luck

Vladimir Vencalek: We need market also to help us a little

Question: What is the solution that your project offers? Why do you think that crypto needs such a project?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Callisto Network main advantage lies in its security features. With a team of top security experts, we understand that security is key for technology adoption. As we continue to develop, more advantages will make Callisto Network an increasingly compelling choice for developers building their projects.

Our main goal is to build a robust infrastructure that meets all the needs of developers considering Callisto as a platform for their projects.

We're dedicated to making this happen and ensuring CLO growth in the future.

Comment: Well now another 1-2M $ easy will pump clo ๐Ÿ˜but of course not healthy growth

Dr. ZS: I am here from day 1 and we have never tried to pump the price! PRice is important but most important is to create a better blockchain and ecosystem!

Comment: I see more than everything in clo, but is like a dream for some bad actors to play it wrong

Question: Team has any seo writers, so we can be on google on top or hiring any agency for it?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We are working on the SEO, our competitors have well optimized SEO so it will take time, it's a long task, but we are on it.

Comment: it might draw them into the clo and it turns out that audits have nothing to do with clo.

Dexaran: In fact, the auditing structure is separated from CLO (chain). Auditors are separately paid and it operates independently.

It is questionable if it can "draw users to CLO" or it can "drive them away from our audits"

Comment: about this and speech. You tell us that audits are a priority, but they really have nothing to do with Callisto.

Dexaran: Callisto (as a project) has multiple subdivisions:

- auditing department

- chain

- infrastructure

Auditing department has nothing to do with callisto chain, but it is an essential part of the Callisto Network as a project

Comment: this is also true, but it does not sound very optimistic for Callisto

Dexaran: Many projects are structured as a group of independent departments. Google Maps are maps. And Google (as a project) is a search engine. Maps and Search Engine have nothing to do with each other...but it's still one Google brand

Dexaran: same for Callisto Network (as a project) we have multiple layers of ecosystem (which are not necessarily interconnected but they work together)

Comment: I understand you perfectly, Dexaran. It just seems like a small chance to promote Callisto, if not with everyone, but maybe someone will agree. just offer

Comment: I see a lot of positive vibes and optimism here, I like it.๐ŸŽข๐Ÿš€โœˆ๏ธ๐ŸŽข๐Ÿš€โœˆ๏ธ

Question: One can see that ERC223 is used more often, unfortunately for people who are not devs it will not be obvious that the Callisto network is behind it. Any plans in that regard ?

Dexaran: I am struggling to push ERC223 nowadays. I will do my best but I'm not the only part of the equation

Comment: I know and thats what makes me think about how we get this out into the crypto social media space

Dexaran: Right now we are starting to focus on the "chain" aspect of the project. L1 I mean

Comment: Ok i have some proposals, what about making some lessons to students? Blockchain technology, security smart contract

Comment: Yeah spend few hours and write simple article

Dr. ZS: Yes it can help. For now we are recording some youtube videos which are informative about blockchain and crypto!

Comment: When you go with presentation make people interact

Dr. ZS: Sure. We are actively doing research so soon you will see our work in conferences ; - )

Comment: Great

Dr. ZS: And you know there are not many projects with publications accepted after review!

Comment: True, happy to see all the progress you make together

Question: How will Immortal Lottery work on the Callisto Network platform?

Dexaran: It is already deployed on CLO mainnet. here is an article with the description

Question: Was it your personal project earlier? Is it officially under callisto now?

Dexaran: Yes, it was my side project. Now it is part of the ecosystem

Dexaran: as CLOE developers are working on UI

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Callistonians! Here is the farming view for Soy Finance!! Can you see how cool it is?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Hey wait a minute , what are these colored labels Dr_ZS_1?

Dr. ZS: You mean the icons for Distributed Insurance TontonBenz? Are we going to reveal everything today?!

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Let's tell them mate!

Dr. ZS: OK ! We will introduce insurance on SOY very soon as a built in feature. We want to solve the security problem on DeFi forever and this is the only solution

Dr. ZS: SOY will be the First DeFi platform in the ecosystem with this feature. We want to make SOY unique! and now is the time to follow our own path! Right mate TontonBenz??

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Yessir! Soy will be the 1st Defi platform to insure its user funds natively.

Question: tontonbenz I like the roadmap, but I see that some members of the community are concerned about price evolution. What do you think?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: When you're an investor, it's natural to look at the price, but in a volatile market like ours, it's crucial to remember why you invested in the first place.

- If it's for security, then you should be pleased with our recent progress and the plans for 2023

- If your investment is purely speculative then I would advise you to read about trading and market cycles.

I know it's not easy but let's stay focused on the long-term vision and keep moving forward together.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Building a strong foundation takes time, especially in a market as speculative and volatile as crypto. Guys, what we're doing now is laying the foundations that will set the standard for an industry that will change the lives of millions of people.

Question: TontonBenz I may not be on time ... what's with the doge? When will it appear on and from which network will it be wrapped?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We have completed the audit report and it will be published "soon" with the new audit template, and we will submit it to Etherescan.

Listing will be next week.

Question: TontonBenz, Dexaran will we ever see Callisto or anothers coins in gamefi :). To focus on it ?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Why not? Gamefi is trending and Callisto Network has all the characteristics to be the perfect chain for that. Let's continue to build the infrastructure to simplify the adoption of CLO and Callisto Network

Comment: Easy - 3-5 of the biggest crypto YouTube channels talking about the matter and you will see the adoption growing like crazy

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Please share the best you know with me in DM mate, we will contact them.

Question: When will the ERC223 chain support more exchanges?

Dexaran: ERC223 is a token standard, not a chain..SOY is so far the only ERC223-compatible exchange

Question: any other side projects?

Dexaran: DexNS is in progress

Dexaran: I do have a number of side projects but these are not related to CLO right now

Dr. ZS: Personally I am working on an idea to bring projects like Midjourney on blockchain

Comment: that's cool

Dr. ZS: Yes!!! And with the community it can become even better!

Question: MJ are closed project

Dr. ZS: Ofc. I described the idea with MJ.

Question: tontonbenz What is the future for CLOE?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: CLOE is already part of the masternode collateral, and by reading the roadmap you have probably understood how important masternodes will be in the future.

The next use case will be the immortal lottery, where CLOE will be the token of the platform.

This is a first step and we will continue to give more use case to CLOE

Comment: With this innovation I believe that I am not mistaken to have invested in CLO and also to hold CLOE, thank you very much for the team

Question: How cloe token will evolve, what are the use cases

Dexaran: We will probably use it as a distribution token i.e. it will be "staked" and any revenue-generating sub-projects will share % of the revenue with this staking contract

Dexaran: like IML will now send % of the round rewards to the CLOE staking

Question: Hi Tonton, what's your CLO target in CMC for the next bull run???

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Well, some meme tokens manage to reach the top 100 in just a few days, which tells you a lot about the nature of the market....The real metric should be the frequency of updates in the news channel and the team commitment. In this regard, I can tell you that we are already in the top 100!

Comment: The problem is that meme coins donโ€™t have any project

Question: I wonder if you can make a fundraising contract for the community if the community wants to invest in the listing of CLO and SOY on CEXs? Just a crazy idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dexaran: technically we can but listings are REALLY expensive

Question: is it now better than on Callisto start or exchanges ask even more? Can a developer respond?

Dexaran: I would say that now it's a more cumbersome procedure. When Callisto started we were negotiating listings with Bitfinex, HitBTC, and some other things. A total of ~44 BTC were paid during the "pre-listings" period

Comment: The problem is not only the fee for listing but many exchanges ask for a specific volume... Who of us will make a daily 10k volume?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Also look how they can delist your project easily just like that...

Comment: Correct, if they dedicate that the volume don't serve them, they say goodbye

Comment: Like 10k Callistonians invest 20 euro per month is 200k euro, for one year we can collect for listing in 2-3 CEXs I guess

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: To be honest with you, it would not be enough to be listed on A top 10 CEX mate.

Question: TontonBenz, Dexaran Is it possible to create an academy or a platform or a github that will gather all the information about callisto, Soy, Cloe and other cryptos that are affiliated with callisto? This will help a lot of beginners and experienced ones.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: This is a good idea, would you like to handle it?

Comment: We can launch an ad and I believe that many writers and callisto fans will be interested

Dexaran: Now exchanges fake their statistics a lot more than in these old days I would say

Dexaran: so it is also harder to evaluate if a new listing will have a positive effect or it will be a waste of money and efforts

Comment: I think it is better to invest for improvement and marketing of then exchanges

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Yessir! This is where we want to go in short term: allowing the community to take part in marketing efforts by creating and sharing memes, participating in discussions on social media, and everything that will help to promote Callisto Network.

Also, we want to create some events for content creation where the community will be rewarded for their creativity!

Comment: top/real CEXes have requirements for volume and MM, it will take a lot of money.

Dexaran: and they ask for multiple additional criteria:

- maintaining your daily volume (and how the f*** I would know if we will get that volume on YOUR exchange??)

- some legal stuff and docs (we are an industry of decentralization where everything is done in a traditional bribery+centralization manner)

- probably some other stuff that I can't tell because of NDAs

Question: What do you think About Community Driven Marketing (CDM)?

Comment: Most of us do it in their community ๐Ÿ˜

Dexaran: It is a nice topic

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: We're already in talks with several community members, so if you're willing to help promote CLO,just reach out to GaryJ64!

Let's work together to make a difference as a COMMUNITY!

Comment: I do that since Callisto was born ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜

Comment: Like most of the OG here ๐Ÿ˜„

Comment: I think that we need it in an organized way, we have core community members

Dexaran: We do have "core community members" but overall our community is relatively small

Gary J - Admin: Let's finish up your questions Callistonians

Comment: exactly....find the right way to enlarge community is a win win strategy, for community, ecosystem and sure also for market price then

Question: How does Callisto Network plan to attract and support developers to build applications on the platform, and what resources are available to them?

Dexaran: Currently we are sitting on Ethereum's toolchain. So we recommend using Ethereum's guidelines and resources. As the CLO chain is 100% compatible with ETH the DAPP can be deployed on CLO with no problems. It is much cheaper on CLO

Dexaran: It is also easier to get traction on CLO chain as you have less competitors and it's easier to build reputation

Gary J - Admin: And that's it for this AMA Callistonians!

Thanks to Callisto Network Team members for their time and to all participants for their contributions and questions.

Question: Hello, Please answer: Whatโ€™s your wish for : 1. for 24h/$ volume for soy (dex & cex all together) ? 2. Your goal for Marketcap for soy? 3. Any real use-case implementation strategy? Thank you :)

Dexaran: 1. We wish we had at least $1,000,000 daily volume. It is hard to predict how realistic it is but we hope that 2023-2024 will be a new bullish market for crypto in general - so something can change

2. It is common for a token to have 10-20% valuation of the base chain. So SOY will likely stick to 10% of CLO market cap.

3. Decentralized computations market. We are working on it.

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Hey! Tomorrow we will release the teaser for "Crypto Crimes Investigations"!!

Guys, we believe it's the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about what we are doing at Callisto Network. We have the best security expert in the world and we should take advantage of that!

Comment: I will share it for sure

Dr. ZS: I really enjoyed it! Let's do it more often!

Comment: cReepass thank you for sharing some in lights into choam

Comment: very good ama bravo

Question: My question is whether the team facing in the near future listed, CLO, SOY and CLOE on major exchanges?

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: In November, CLO was listed on, a top-8 exchange.

If I canโ€™t disclose the listing fee I can assure you guys that it is considerable, and it was an effort of 1 year to get listed there, actually we started the discussion in September 2021. So let me be clear with you, the listing on is a great success, and Iโ€™m happy to see that the community started to trade there and the volume is getting bigger. Our priority is to encourage active trading on this platform before considering further listings.

Comment: I'd like to thanks our CEO, he's making a real great job , thanks bro TontonBenz

Laurent Riche aka Tonton: Thank you bro for your kind words and support! But it's truly a team effort, and our amazing community is what drives us forward.

We'll keep working hard to bring value to CLO and all the Callistonians ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ช

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