Callisto Team's Ask Me Anything on 28/07/2022

On July 28, 2022, Vladimir Vencalek- CEO, Dexaran - Founder & COO, and Dr ZS - Senior researcher answered questions from the community.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Welcome to Callisto Network Team AMA!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ We are pleased to introduce our guests:@cReepass aka Vladimir Vencalek - CEO @Dexaran - Founder & COO @Dr_ZS_1 - Senior Researcher

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๐Ÿ“ฃ Ladies and gentlemen, AMA with the Callisto Network team STARTS NOW!

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Vladimir: hey everyone how you are doing :)

Dexaran: hello Callisto community, haven't been talking publicly for long time hah

Dr. ZS: Hello Callistonians!

Hello , that's great zpow!

Dr. ZS: Its been something we are working on for a very long time!

Finally it out and gonna be huge in crypto. Thanks

Q:I like your work but 100k tx seems a bit 'optimistic' no?

Dr. ZS: No, this number is based on simulations. We will reach it with time also in the mainet!

Vladimir: we just hired 4 new fullstack devs, senior level... 4!

Damn thats hot

Dexaran: We are also hiring security auditors. In case someone is looking for an opportunity to join us - its the time

Yeah , that's well know here . Hope we get some good ones soon

Vladimir: Also we reworked security audit dep, so now it does not only smart contracts but more complex security field

With dedicated insurance

Dexaran: We are planning to have Insurance Department operating once we will complete a few audits from "queue your audit" campaign. Right now it's still a fine-tuning process

Dr. ZS: And also our big plan is to combine audits with distributed insurance

Q: Hello, are you only focus on devs ? not devops / sysadmin ?

Vladimir: we always are looking to expand team with many positions open still.

Q: Regarding masternodes with Callisto, is it still relevant?

Dr. ZS: Yes, we still believe that masternodes are something that the blockchain ecosystem needs. It can be used for distributed secure execution of programs that are needed

Q: Security is probably one of the most important parts of any project. What have you accomplished to warrant and secure the funds of users ?

Vladimir: one of our clients was attacked with ransomeware hive 5.2. (1000+ servers affected), we were able to create decryptor and solve this complex hack and decrypt files!

Soon you will see it in newspaper.

Wow that's is great news. That is great exposure!

Q: @Dexaran is there anything planned to improve the stability of the api for the explorer?

Dexaran: Yes. Explorer have been our pain for long time already... also we need much better NFT support so we definitely will be doing something with the explorer in the near future

Q: I have noticed that the volume of exchange on CLO has decreased, do you plan to burn to reduce the number of coins in circulation?

Dr. ZS: However, volume on SOY defi has increased!

Q: Considering the current market conditions, the importance of marketing for cryptocurrency projects is an indisputable fact. Do you think that the marketing activities of Callisto Network are sufficient? What can you say about these issues?

Vladimir: We plan to increase marketing budged significantly from the end of this year.

Q: @cReepass I saw an article on a data center (the largest), it is written 1500m2, what will be its final / maximum size?

Vladimir: the size is not that important, what is important is how much computing power.

Q: Saying largest is maybe too much, I worked on bigger DC (Orange DC Val de Reuil), I was just curious about size and if it was an error or not.

I'm also planning to expand with our recent NFTs. We can create CommunityNFT contracts and ERC721->CallistoNFT wrappers on most chains as well as introduce new bridges and port SOY to most chains.

This is one of the most important things from my point of view. Expansion.

Q: Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it only appealing to professional users?

Vladimir: we are working on making it more open for beginners, this is where will put more funds from september forward

Q: Can we be the first to advertise 100000tx/s capability????? How far behind are we from Ethereum?

Dr. ZS: Well. It is something different .Eth moves to PoS, we basically do research on PoW and this is the number we target and is achieved in our simulations

Q: Any eta on that? So we can be first??? ;)

Dr. ZS: First we will publish our work with our simulations and then start working on testnet

Q: to be honest, I'm learning about your project today thanks to this AMA. Can you tell me what are the main qualities of the callisto network and why an ordinary crypto user should be interested in your project?

Vladimir: I think its important to look on any project and see what they are doing. (Are they developing something?) What they do.... I think we do a lot, we have great team and are constantly working on improving the network. I dont want to name one think that makes the clo great, but if i must i would say team.

Q: @cReepass when SoyFinance will be listed as an exchange on CMC and Coin Gecko?

Vladimir: yes we are reworking api to do it

Q: Some would argue that the risks of smart contracts outweigh the risks of containment, when the research is professionally conducted and insured. So how safe are the stored coins? And what happens if for some reason Revenue goes offline, won't the tied BTC be lost?

Dr. ZS: Insurance fund will be differentiated. we are in the first steps but as the fund grows different coins/tokens even mutual funds and bonds can be used

Q: @Dexaran

Are you planning a callisto App to give users more interesting feature and earning opportunity, like mobile mining, Games using Callisto network

Dexaran: We are mainly focused on core features. Right now our main priorities are:

  1. Interoperability (Bridges / SOY ports / NFT ports)

  2. Our own chain problems (consensus enhancements / infrastructure improvements & peripherial services)

  3. Sec. Dep.

We have Cyborg league and Callisto Enterprise has a division of game devs however ...

Q: What is your plan about globalization? Do you have local Communities for those user who don't understand English well? What can we expect to see from your platform in the short-term (at some point in 2022) & 2023?And beyond (long-term goals)?

Vladimir: we are preparing to hire more people to go to conferences and give us more visibility globaly.

The network was never hacked till now!

Dexaran: It is not true. We were 51%-attacked in the past. We managed to implement PirlGuard as a 51%-attack solution.

There is some research regarding the 51%-attacks:

Ok, didn't know that!

Dexaran: You can read about it here:

Q: @cReepass Is there any news about the public transport project?

Vladimir: no, for now its on hold as we have projects that are more interesting for the network.

Q: Hello everyone I don't understand please explain

Vladimir: tickets with covid situation in public transportation went really low and we have projects that are bringing more trafic to clo so thats why its on hold.

Q: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term ?

Vladimir: Yes we were investing really little in marketing before this will change soon as we will put much more funds there.

Q: @Dr_ZS_1 Do we have any news regarding our coins being released in some other exange?

DR. ZS: No news but you never know. ..! I am focusing on research and not on exchange listing, so...

Q: Thanks for the chance to get to know more about #DeFi, #Crypto and #NFT ๐Ÿ˜‰ My questions below ๐Ÿ‘‡

  1. Which competitors do you benchmark most?

  2. What sets you apart from the competitors?

  3. How long did it take for you to say "YES" to partnership?

Vladimir: Now we target ETC, we have growing ecosystem and we are approaching POW and related questions in different way, also we focus mainly on security

Q: How to explain to ETC community they are on dead chain?

Vladimir: Good question :) we need to create momentum

Q: In the event of unforseen circumstances, will the Callisto Treasury be prepared enough to act as a stop gap/Insurance plan to take care of such a black swan event?

Dexaran: Yes, we used Treasury to overcome network-wide problems earlier and we can do it again if necessary.

However we believe that we already solved all the possible L1 problems

Q: What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have over competitors? What would be your project secure most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?

Dexaran: So far we are THE ONLY project that is working on DAPP insurance in the whole industry

we have no competitors in smart-contract anti-hack insurance area.

Q: How much attention will you have in relation to your activities in the different areas (gaming, sc security and others) ? .

Vladimir: we have secured partnership with EIG so we have good relationship in gaming

Q: We see usual breakdown of explorer and website. Please anything to fix it forever @Dr_ZS_1 @Dexaran

Dr. ZS: No worries, I think that the explorer will be improved soon especially with the new devs.

Q: Callisto uses proof of work to validate transactions and to participate in the security of the blockchain. Is Callisto thinking of going back to POS like Ethereum?

Dr. ZS: Moving to POS will take time and we believen that in the meantime is not going to be secure. For us security is the highest priority for this reason we decided to continue our research on PoW and try different things there. But if in some years from now PoS is well adopted and secure, yes we will start thinking of moving. But for now and the foreseeable future we are going to remain PoW

Q: What wallets are supporting Callisto Network? metamask can be used ?


Vladimir: also absolute wallet, Trust Wallet, Coinomi, Guarda Wallet and recently Bitkeep

Q: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any upcoming updates?

Dr ZS: For Callisto Network to be an ecosystem with new projects building on top of it taking advantage of the HIGH SECURITY and the smallest fees in the market :-)

Q: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term ?

Vladimir: we need to attend more events and conferences to gain visibility and sponsor hackatons and simply put more money in marketing

Q: Users with the "Cold Staking" feature receive interest just for maintaining their $CLO crypto-currency, but what benefits does that bring to #Callisto?

Dexaran: Initially the Cold Staking was designed as a component of a future governance system. Think of Cold Stakers as future proposal voters.

For now it's just a financial feature but it's still not in its final stage.

However governance system has no successful implementations across the industry - thats why we are not introducing our own one right now.

Q: We need visibility and how its gonna happen

Vladimir: we are preparing list of conferences and looking for team that will attend them and working on bigger marketing strategy.

To be honest i think its better 1. to invest in devs to actually do something that has value and only then 2. invest in marketing to sell it.

Most projects do it the other way around.

Q: We are currently in a bear market, are you confident CALLISTO will be able to continue building and innovating?. Is your team qualified to achieve all the set-out goals or you would be recruiting a few more members to join your team?

Dexaran: Yes, we can survive the bear market.

Q: Are you thinking of developing other products to increase the use cases of $CLO? Or do you already have products that are developed and waiting to be launched?

Vladimir: we have multiple projects in pipepline, one i can say will be really soon out is Gems and Goblins.

Dr. ZS: The good thing is that teams come to us and want to build on top of CLO. For this reason we try to improve the trx/sec so as to be able to offer them the best services at the lowest price.

Q: As I know you plan to reduce the total supply of Callisto to 3 billion but we surpassed it Question is how do burn 200 millions coins?

Dr. ZS: From trx fees and new burning mechanisms

Q: Revenue is very important for any project for growth and development , What are the ways that generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

Vladimir: we do ask projects to give us in exchange for helping them to go to next phase for success fee in form of their tokens

@cReepass it was great to see you all team and community u think could be possible to have an AMA periodically, for example once a month? Our community love this project since first day of mining, we all need to hear the constant presence of the team with us

Vladimir: yes, we will increase marketing activities from september.

Tonton: Yes bro, 1 AMA per month is resonable, let's do it ๐Ÿ‘

Q: What is the minimum amount required to invest in #COLDSTAKING and is the APY estimated or guaranteed?

Vladimir: there is no minimum, APY is estimated as it changes based on how much is locked.

Dexaran: APY is estimated. No minimum requirements.

Q: How about the future implementation of the (CLOE) token

Vladimir: CLOE is slowly being implemented in new projects, its planned to be part of masternodes, and we have multiple plans how to implement it more.

Dr. ZS: CLOE has its own use cases, and holds also tokens from the new projects that are being developed. Also it funds new projects and conducts research. I think something big will be built through this. I would say that CLOE holder holds in fact part of all the projects that are funded by Callisto Enterprise.

Vladimir: we are also being approached latelly with "victims" of hacks and we can help them as we have security auditors.

Q: @cReepass what position does Yohan have within CAllisto Network?

Vladimir: Yohan works now on improving L1 and is preparing multiple updates on protocol level

Dr. ZS: Yeah. Hard forks with the latest updates are on the way!

Q: So he is still a teamplayer?

Vladimir: at some point he had different life priorities, now he is helping us with protocol upgrades

Glad to know he is still around.

Q: Hello. Comment on the prospect of the CYT token, which was released with the participation of Callisto Network CEO Yohan Graterol. Which was and is still being traded in the first version of V1 and was not added to the current version of Farms. Will the CYT token be added to the main version of Farms.

Vladimir: CYT is mainly traded now on Binance chain so i dont personally know if it would have good liq. here, but after soy is also on binance chain why not. (depends on CYT team not CLO team...)

Q: Dexaran are you still working with EOS?

Dexaran: I'm not actively developing any EOS-related services

I'm watching their progress and trying to keep in touch with some key persons

Vladimir: by the way, we will have contest really soon so anyone can get some "free" clo coins!

Q: Any plans/ideas to replace Solidity EVM with something like CosmWasm?

Vladimir: we think we can improve EVM (POW) to the point it will cover at least 3+ years limitation and we are working on interesting solutions...

Q: Is it the same Dexaran that dosed EOS lol ?

Vladimir: yes, also its the same Dex that created ethereum classic...

Q: Do they hate you? After the cpu crisis eos never came back to $5+

Dexaran: I have explained my point earlier in this article

I don't think that anybody hates me on EOS honestly. Their main problem was B1 and they burned their vesting funds.

Its an epic story of how an angry community burned the funds of the creators of the chain they were all part of.

Also they were mostly concerned with Dan than me

Dex is a cool guy ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Dr. ZS: the coolest!

Q: Please ddos solana!

Vladimir: no need they are ddosing themself every week

Q: Please give me a heads up so I can buy clo with my solana :)

Vladimir: we are giving you heads up :)

Q: How much insurance fund available on soy ?

Vladimir: now its 300k+ usd i think

Q: What happens at end of V1 SOY staking after it ends in 1 or 2 more rounds?

Vladimir: we are adapting soy to multichain so its more complex, but we will create new contract to "address" changes thats why it was made to end at this point.

But we will create new contract to "address" changes thats why it was made to end at this point

Q: does stress testing a chain also belong to one of our services at the sec department ? @Dexaran

Dexaran: Not at the moment

It's "Dexaran's exclusive" feature

Q: @Dexaran Eclipse? Still Immortal lottery?

Dexaran: IML is still on-hold. It is not abandoned - i really wish I had time to finish the project but it's a "side project" so it has lower priority than CLO-related projects

Eclipse should work already.

Eclipse could become very important in many countries with low freedom

@TontonBenz if we didnt have already, what about an how to...

Tonton: Not sure it works mate, I will check.

Q: @TontonBenz @cReepass can we get these gifs made up? The ones with "In Vlad we Trust" with a 1 dolar note. And the praying Mary with Vlad's face and a callisto logo instead of the heart?

Tonton: Yes, its on our to-do list but we have been busy recently, But they will come for sure.

Vladimir: we have cool shirts with clo logo.

We will in some time create a site where you would be able to buy shirts etc.

I hope with clo soy and cloe

Vladimir: we have really cool stuff wait i will find it

Q: Where to send my CLO?

Vladimir: we need to first do the website :) but hey we have 4 new fullstack devs so i think one of them can do it soon


I HAVE CLO Tattoo on my arm!

Damn, the whole looks amazing

This is awesome art

Im getting one too now that you have shown me!! Will keep you posted ;)!!!

i plan bigger logo on the inside of the hand

Yeah this looks really really good in the video and match the mech you have on the arm

Q: When will Clo be listed on different exchanges?

Vladimir: yes, we will start working on it from september

Q: @cReepass do you have plans to capture the hashrate after the upgrade eth on the POS?) Do you think that delisting clo from whattomine is depend with ETC plans?

Vladimir: we will get the hashrate dont worry. we are working on the plan how to "take over" ETC position...

Q: Is it clear how they will reduce clo to 3 billion, will it decrease from our coins?

Dr. ZS: Nooooo. It will decrease by the fees paid for the trxs.

Vladimir: no its dynamic monetary policy so you need to study the document, also @zvse3 will explain it more in standalone article

Tonton: No, and It's explained in short here mate:

Here in details

Vladimir: Guys, we have multiple ICOs coming in following weeks, so stay tuned!

Also we work with EIG and they already implemented in their projects clo!

Q: On soy finance ?

Vladimir: yes, Soy is fully supported by main CLO team, but they are getting own team and will continue working with main team.

Dexaran: I hope we can make it more decentralized, possibly we will have multiple instances of the UI.

Q: Any project migration to Callisto

Vladimir: we are working on really BIG ones... but i cant say now more.. :(

Q: Any hype games like VIP warz?

Vladimir: Each project is different and will attract different type of investors

Honestly Vlad, i have great faith in You and the team. You need to show up here more often :)

Vladimir: but i also need to work :D on new partners, new investors and developement!

Q: Mobile mining possible in future?

Dexaran: it's unlikely

Vladimir: we dont work on mobile mining, we work on masternodes now

Q: Any ETA for Gems&Goblins playable?

Tonton: Q1 2023.

Q: Is this possible to invest in crypto with AbsoluteWallet and How to earn CLO with AbsoluteWallet?

Vladimir: many great news are comming with absolutewallet, they have great team!

Q: Where will we need to have masternode funds? Are funds in Coldstake accepted?

Vladimir: soon bigger article will be released

Tonton: These are the last questions guys, AMA is nearing its end!!

Q: Actually i have one. We all know the fee on callisto is cheap but because the coin value is cheap too. What if clo reach 1k or more? 0.01 won't be cheap anymore,is there a work around this or it will follow eth footsteps?

Vladimir: we are working on it :)

Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ˜Š for great ama and that was a great experience

Many thanks to all the team!!! Hope to meet you again soon!!! In Clo we trust!!!

No question anymore from me but have to say that like since the first day i always did trust our team and mucho kudos to @Dexaran his skills and brain ๐Ÿ’š

@TontonBenz for keeping the community together and you did so much more, never forget that ๐Ÿคฉ

Also @crepas who has seen the potential in that project and brings order to the chaos But also the rest of the whole team

Vladimir: have a great evening and thanks for awesome AMA!

@Dexaran @zvse3 @TontonBenz thank you guys for inviting me

Dexaran: Thank you everyone. I'm glad we are all part of the brighter future that we are building right here, right now.

Dr. ZS: Thanks guys and cu soon!

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