Callisto Network Masternodes Set-up

Through Masternodes, Callisto Network aims to increase the decentralization of its products, such as the Callisto Bridge. The goal is to create a decentralized market of compute nodes. These nodes are rewarded for offering their resources to run decentralized applications.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up your node step by step. Let's get started!

You can learn more about Callisto Network Masternodes here.


  • A Callisto Network wallet that will serve as an "Authority wallet". This wallet is not intended to store/receive any funds, so make sure to leave it empty. You can create a Callisto Network wallet here.

  • Create an account on AWS or use an existing one. The basic plan (free) is enough for the current usage.

  • Download the authority code and edit it if necessary (file and instructions below).

Optionally you can update the RPC providers list with your own RPC, for that simply edit the index.js (lines 38 to 48) in the archive and update it.

If you are using RPC from add your project ID at the end of the link. Example:, where: 123456789 is your Infura project ID.

Step 1. Masternode AWS Lambda Set-up Tutorial

1. Navigate to AWS Lambda and log in.

If you do not have an AWS account, you must first create one here.

2. Click on "Create a function".

3. Make sure you are in the "Author from scratch" section and set "BridgeAutorithy" as function name and select Node.js 16x as for the language.

4. In the advanced settings section, check Enable function URL and chooseNone as "Auth type', checkConfigure cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), and then click on "Create function".

5. You will find the URL of your masternode under "Function URL", save it as it will be needed in step 13 of this tutorial.

6. Now we will upload the Autority code to the server, for that click on "Upload from" and select ".zip file"

7. Select the file aws_lambda previously downloaded on your computer and click "Save" .

8. In the "Configuration" tab select "Environment variables" and click on "Edit".

9. Select "Add Environment variables".

For this step, it is necessary to create a wallet that will serve as an Authority Wallet. This Authority Wallet will be dedicated to the masternode and should not hold any funds. It will be linked to the smart contract in the second section of this tutorial.

10. Set AUTHORITY_PK as the "Key" and enter the private key of the Authority Wallet in the "Value" field.

Now that AWS Lambda is configured, you'll need to lock the collateral into the smart contract and link your masternode!

Step 2. Masternode Management Panel

With the masternode management panel, you can add a masternode, remove it and claim its rewards. We are going to look at how to perform these operations below.

11. Navigate to the Callisto Network Masternode Management Panel, make sure you are under the "Add a Masternode" tab and connect your Metamask Wallet by clicking the "Connect Metamask" button.

12. The first three fields allow you to enter the amount of CLO, CLOE and SOY to lock as collateral. Simply enter the number of assets you wish to lock in the appropriate areas.

The minimum amount of assets to run a Callisto Network Masternode is set as follows:

  • CLO: 500 000 coins.

  • CLOE: 150 000 tokens.

  • SOY: 25 000 tokens.

13. Under "Authority address", enter the address of the authority wallet created for this tutorial (step 10).

14. In the field "Masternode URL" field, enter the URL of the masternode saved in the step 5 of this tutorial.

15. Now that we have specified the settings of the masternode, we are going to lock the collateral. This is a 3-step process with the first one being to enable CLOE & SOY.

Click on "Enable CLOE" and confirm the action in the Metamask panel.

16. To repeat the operation for SOY, just click on "Enable SOY" and confirm in Metamask.

17. It is now time to activate the masternode! For that, click on "Add Masternode" and validate the process in Metamask.

Congratulations your masternode has been successfully! It will be activated under 48 hours.

Claim Masternode Rewards

As of the official launch of the Callisto Network Masternode program on December 15, rewards will be collected continuously and can therefore be claimed at any time.

To claim the reward of the masternode, navigate to the Masternode Management Panel and select the "Claim Masternode Reward" tab. Click the "Claim Rewards" button and confirm in the metamask panel.

Close a Masternode

Closing a masternode is a two step process; first it is necessary to deactivate the masternode and wait for 14 days then you will be able to withdraw the collateral. Below you can view the steps in details.

To deactivate your masternode, navigate to the Masternode Management Panel select the "Close a Masternode" tab, click on "Withdraw Collateral" and then confirm the process in Metamask.

During the 14 days of the deactivation period, masternode are not eligible for rewards.

Once the 14 days period has passed you will be able to withdraw the collateral, for that, navigate to the Masternode Management Panel select the "Close a Masternode" tab, click on "Withdraw Collateral" and then confirm the process in Metamask.

The collateral will be transferred to your wallet in a matter of moments.

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