Callisto Team's Ask Me Anything on 10/10/2022

On October 10, 2022, Vladimir Vencalek and his special guest answered questions from the community.

Admin: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to today's Callisto Network AMA!

We are pleased to introduce our very own Vladimir Vencalek who needs no Introduction:

๐Ÿ“ฃ The AMA with the will start with an introduction video, during this time we will mute the chat to allow everyone time to view then we will unmute and start your questions & comments.

Please be respectful and give our guests the time to respond, also do not repeat questions. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

Admin: Enjoy guys :)

Admin: So now going to unmute the chat and let the community members ask their questions to our invitees ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Q: New futures are awaiting us

Michael Broda: Hello everyone! happy to be part of this adventure.

Q: I have read the plans for EIG and can you explain the projects that I read about coming soon?

Michael Broda: We are developing several projects for the esports, gaming and creator economy.... there are 6 current projects, also partially together with companies, we will announce in the next couple of weeks.

Q: Your background I have seen is extensive in esports, you started early days of crypto, correct?

Michael Broda: for 5 years yes

Q: Good evening dears. Question for Ama. It has been rumored for some time that Clo will be listed on Binance, is it true? Or are you even considering this in the near future?

Vladimir Vencalek: We signed yesterday big exchange but its not Binance for now. We plan it in future for sure

I want to congratulate Michael Broda on his new CEO position.

Michael has extensive experience with leading innovating companies and will be great team member for us.

Q: Have you tested 100k tx/s on Callisto network and if yes have you find possible problems arising from this high TPS?

Vladimir Vencalek: We are not anywhere near right now. It will take us 2years+ to reach 100k tx/s.

Q: Can you share when the listing will be active on the new exchange?

Vladimir Vencalek: we cant share anything till its approved with them... But its top 8 exchange.

Q: Also another question from a community member that is not here right now. "In the Callisto Dynamic Money Policy, there is a note saying the following:

The introduced dynamic monetary policy has halted the block reward reduction foreseen by the previous monetary policy for the first effect. Indeed we anticipate a hard fork including changes to the block time, block size, as well as the implementation of burning mechanics to be performed in Q4 2022.

Thus the block reward reductions at block 8 900 001 and after are aborted.

Later on, in conclusion, it is written the following:

The block reward reduction will be 10% annually after the upcoming reduction of 40% (block 7,400,001), and when the minimum threshold of 20 coins per block is reached, it will remain fixed forever. A burning mechanism will be introduced to burn the transaction base fees in order to reduce inflation over time as the network utilization is expected to increase.

Can we get clarity regarding the block rewards reductions anticipated?

It is also mentioned about being ASIC resistant. What is the vision regarding the mining community?"

Vladimir Vencalek: We will stay POW for around 2-3 years as we do belive POW is stable and decentralized way how to go forward. We work on multiple solutions how to tackle the POW limitations, but we do belive we can just adjust the protocol and not to move to other...

Admin: After your report, the second part " The block reward reduction .... expected to increase." Has been removed from the Dynamic MP document... It had nothing to do there, as no reduction of block is planned

Q: Dex will step down?

Admin: No. Chief Tech Officer

Dexaran: This is quite reflects what I'm actually doing in the team.

Vladimir Vencalek: Also i want to thank @Dexaran to steping up and bringing to the community a lot of new features like CallistoNFT.

Q: Any plans on technical updates, special for games on Callisto?More block size, random oracles, less block time , something exciting else?

Vladimir Vencalek: yes

Q: I reported an issue about the wallet and broken link since > 1 month , I did a MR about it, do you know why it seems to be so complicated for things like that ?

Vladimir Vencalek: wallet is fully being reworked by the team, thatโ€™s why we donโ€™t repair the old one and focus on finishing new one...

Q: What about plans on CLOE token after changing in a team?

Vladimir Vencalek: We have in fact extensive strategy with CLOE, but we tackle first CLO

Q: What about soy project? We have a great decrease of price soy and TV on Do you have any plans on a soy token?

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes we want first to have CLO listed on all major exchanges and than tackle SOY/CLOE.

Q: Michael aka makes a very likeable impression so definitely a good addition to the rest of the team, so welcome. I don't have any real questions at the moment because I will continue to follow the development from here on, but a rough list of how the awareness of callisto will be strengthened beside to esports and the next goals would be nice if there is something that can be told.

Michael Broda: It is not esports only, for us it is gaming, creator economy, everything will end up in the metaverse. we work on day to day usability of crypto. callisto will be part of a interesting metaverse project.

Q: Are games coming?

Michael Broda: Yes! we will have a special strategy to kick off gaming

Vladimir Vencalek: This are two new heroes in our new game. Kira and Kai;

Or this one.

Q: Is game on blockchain?

Vladimir Vencalek: Gems and goblins are also running on CLO

Q: Oh that's great

Q: Is it true that you are now most profitable POW coin?

Vladimir Vencalek: I do belive its 1-2 its changing every few hours. we got 17,5x more miners than few weeks ago.

Q: Yes how games are connected to block chain?

Michael Broda: there are several ways, the whole competition part can be blockchain based, price pool smart contract settlements, guilds....

Q: Hello guys, do you plan to release more info regarding Masternodes in coming days?

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes in coming weeks we will release more.

Q: Can we get a list of current gaming projects and expected timelines for release?

Vladimir Vencalek: Itโ€™s up to CEO to say when the project is ready to be shared with the community

Michael Broda: not yet, one game is closer to release, but we dont have the final date yet.

Q: I donโ€™t know if it was already answered but I have read that the position of becoming ASIC resistant would be strengthened. Are there plans to be ASIC resistant?

Vladimir Vencalek: We dont see any real asics now...

Q: the listing to a new exchange is this month or at the end of the year?

Vladimir Vencalek: begining AMA it was said

Q: What about games distribution platform? Will there be ecosystem? Analogue to steam or origin?

Michael Broda: There will be an ecosystem for sure, we have also access to third parties games publisher if needed.

Q: Any plans to have public random oracle ? Same as for immortal lottery or something else?

Vladimir Vencalek: We are discussing to use masternodes,but its not final.

Q: Is Immortal lottery forbidden?

Vladimir Vencalek: no, @Dexaran is working on it... it will be released when ready

Dexaran: Immortal lottery requires a pseudo-random number generator smart-contract to be finalised. Other parts are ready. During last weeks I was mostly focused on SBTs.

Q: Soul bond tokens?

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes Dexaran has many great news regarding it....

Dexaran: Soulbound tokens:

We have a standard for SBTs. Now we have it before Ethereum did it. Based on CallistoNFT

Q: Lol firs we had tokens

Then cut fungibility and call it nonFungible

Then cut transferability and call it soulbound

Vladimir Vencalek: now you need to ask what is left to cut? :D

Q: are you afraid of current situation in the world? will company survive few years of recession?

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes no issue

Q: Any plans to license or work with traditional gaming companies to integrate Callisto NFTs, for exampe EA or other mainstream gaming platforms like game systems (PS5, XBOX, Steam etc...)

Michael Broda: We are evaluating the market, companies like EA is very difficult... but good mobile games is definitely possible. A direct integration is not yet ready, but around the games there are couple of solutions we are working on.

Vladimir Vencalek: Michael, any new products soon to go to Callisto network?

Michael Broda: Gamers Passport! this will be huge

Vladimir Vencalek: Oh wow

Tio: This is very interesting ๐Ÿง

Michael Broda: This will be live in couple of weeks

Q: Would be interesting to know what are the requirements to get one if there is any information that can be shared.

Michael Broda: it is going live with one client in the next 2 weeks, than the community can check it.

Q: And last one ๐Ÿ˜Š do u believe in 1CLO=3USD?)

Michael Broda: we are working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: Any plans to put SOY token on exchanges to popularize it? There are a lot of networks supported, we need much more TVL

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes we will tackle it on beginning of next year

Q: Will max supply remain the same?

Vladimir Vencalek: we are discussing it but seems the dynamic monetary policy is fine for now.

Q: Why callisto has its own standards for all tokens? Erc223 is yours as I know. Isn't it better do just use ethereum code?

Vladimir Vencalek: short answer no

Dexaran: You can read dozens of articles that I wrote before. I consider erc20 insecure:

We are not developing stuff for the sake of developing. Every project solves a specific problem.

For any project in Callisto ecosystem I can name a problem that it solves.

Erc223 solves ERC20 vulnerability

CallistoNFT solves lack of data recording on ERC721

Q: Why are they still using erc20 then? Nothing bad happens. Maybe it's not that insecure

Admin: Everything is explained in the articles that were shared earlier. Just read them.

Q: In defense of Dex erc223 is basis for erc721

Dexaran: Glad to see people know it ๐Ÿ‘

Q: Solana is right now the fastest blockchain talking about transactions, but we all seeing their problems today. Will callisto face this kind of bugs after reaching 100tx/sec? Weโ€™ll already flip solana at this point

Vladimir Vencalek: yes its fastest also its fastest to stop working....

Q: So hope callisto will be fastest, but not stop working. Right ?

Vladimir Vencalek: we don't need to be fastest, we need to be fast enough....

Q: Hi, will CLOE show up on coinmarketcap?

Vladimir Vencalek: In 1-2Q next year

Q: Any plat for cloe? Maybe staking for first?

Vladimir Vencalek: CLOE and SOY will be target to push beginning next year. But SOY has new full team and its looking great now. We will have special AMA for soy later

Q: Looking great team or Soy future?)

Vladimir Vencalek: It has new team... they are working on great features.

CLOE will have few new announcements soon. Michael, do you think callisto network is in shape to be in TOP 100?

Michael Broda: 100%

Q: Michael, do you own CLO?

Michael Broda: Yes

Q: Clo is the Black Horse

Dexaran: Green-and-black I would say. Watch our logo.

Q: Dexaran, what is your opinion on Merge? did eth lose or win with transition to POS technically?

Vladimir Vencalek: no one knows, we hope ETH will be successful, in case they will fail we will happily take all of their projects...

Dexaran: I think this is a "progressive" move. They change something trying to achieve better results than they have now - faster txs, better contracts, wider ecosystem.

It's question where it will lead and it's hard to predict if it will fail or succeed in longterm - until it happens. But you have to respect the progress anyways and they are part of it.

Vladimir Vencalek: yes also its possible that in time we will see it was the right move... no one knows now for sure.

Q: How do you think, is there any possibility to get higher in CAP than ETC in the next 2-3 years? I mean Zpow etc

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes

Q: We also have another rival, polygon..

Dexaran: We are Ethereum Family. We are Ethereum Commonwealth.

Q: Any plan for nft marketplace? Or launchpad?

Vladimir Vencalek: yes we have new NFT director he is taking over this area

Q: Expecting Callisto network to reach 100ktx/s up to next two years as you mentioned above, what could be $clo price as this time ? Vladimir?

Vladimir Vencalek: we do believe that we are already in top 10 technically, but we need to get there in marketing wise....

Q: On that exchange you signed contract. Is there an option to trade futures? Or it will be listed on the spot?

Vladimir Vencalek: Spot.

Q: Vladimir, we found a nice mascotte maybe we can add and use in our story telling.. Callistoctopus, that is a real animal name living in the oceans. I have some ideas to expand the Callisto saga using the Oceans too :) I guess it can be nice for the creativity of my callisto marketing buddies... What do think about it?

Vladimir Vencalek: GREAT idea, we will investigate if he is so cute as soy mascot

Q: KuCoin is the big exchange listing callisto coin?

Vladimir Vencalek: No

Q: Do you have any plan to focus more on marketing? nobody knows about such a great project... hopefully, more popularity will come with listing on new big CEX

Vladimir Vencalek: Yes we agreed with Michael to put around 2 M EUR to marketing.

By the way. Im happy to announce.

That Callisto Enterprise recived funding for next year from Invictus group!

Q: Hope this doesn't affect Callisto price

Vladimir Vencalek: its external funding not related to CLO

Q: are you still hiring? :D

Vladimir Vencalek: Always. We are hiring faster than firing....

Q: Dexaran, I would love information about SBT. I see many opportunities for belief in this area.

Vladimir Vencalek: Dexaran will be posting article soon

Dexaran: Already. Finalised tonight

Q: When will CLO and SOY be burned, which they promised to burn at the last AMA?

Vladimir Vencalek: Soy was burned. Can happen that it will happen again and the issuing will go as low as 10 percent....

Q: From decrypting virus?

Vladimir Vencalek: no it will be different stuff soon

Admin: This concludes today's AMA and thanks to not only the Callisto Network Team but our new CEO Michael Broda for his time and to all participants for their contributions and questions.

Tomorrow with the publication of the AMA recap!

Have a great evening Callistonians ๐Ÿ’š

Vladimir Vencalek: Thank you all! was great AMA awesome questions

Michael Broda: THANK YOUUUUU

Admin: That's all for today Callistonians!

Thanks to Vladimir, Dexaran and Michael, the new CEO of Callisto Network for their time!

And thank you all for making this AMA so interesting!

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