Update the RPC URL in MetaMask

The Callisto Network endpoint, https://clo-geth.0xinfra.com, has been migrated to https://rpc.callisto.network. Therefore, we recommend users to update the endpoint into their wallet as soon as possible.

There are several ways to update the RPC URL depending on your wallet. With Metamask being the most popular wallet, we have provided instructions on updating your RPC in Metamask below.

1) Open MetaMask, Click on your account, and scroll down to settings.

2) Select Networks.

3) Select your Callisto Network instance.

4) Update the RPC URL to https://rpc.callisto.network.

5) Scroll down to Save.

Congratulations, you have updated the RPC URL. MetaMask will now connect to https://rpc.callisto.network.

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