We Fund You Award - 1st Edition

On February 4th, 2022, we launched the โ€œWe Fund You!โ€ program. A quarterly program whose concept is to contribute the technical skills and financial power of Callisto Enterprise to support innovation on the Callisto Network.

The responses we received for this first edition was overwhelming and exceeded all our expectations with so many promising and exciting submissions. After lengthy consideration, today we are thrilled to announce that we have chosen to retain four projects submitted for the 1st edition of the โ€œWe Fund You!โ€ award!

The project coordinators of each have been contacted and we have already started to collaborate with most of them. With no further delay let us now share with you the awarded submissions!

Note: The โ€œWe Fund You!โ€ program was the subject of a press release on CoinTelegraph.

GAT Network

Request: Funding: 50 000 USD

Website: https://gat.network/

The first project to be selected is the GAT Network!

Gat Network is a next-gen crypto-assets marketplace and NFT toolbox launched in June 2021 by a German team consisting of 6 people. GAT Network currently hosts several products which are centered around multi-use token and a multichain marketplace. The core of their ecosystem is a multichain, non-escrow NFT marketplace called โ€œMinted Vodkaโ€.

Gat Network is a Binance Labs Incubation Project and gained the title of the โ€œMost Valuable Builderโ€ on Binance Smart Chain. In a tweet posted on the 6th of April 2022, the GAT Network team explained the advantages of the Callisto Network blockchain and how they are eager to build on the Callisto Network, and honestly, we are just as excited as they are to see their products on Callisto Network.

Key Features:

  • Non-escrow

  • Multichain / Cross-Chain

  • Multichain NFT Wallet

  • All-around flexible deals

  • On-demand Minting

  • Game/Software Minting

  • Layered Minting

  • Claimable NFTs

  • Mystery Boxes

  • Custom staking farms by users

  • NFT bridging/wrapping

The plan of GAT Network in the immediate future:

  1. Game Minting (for millions of indie game developers, based on GameAce tech).

  2. Layered Minting (for auto-generated rarity-based collections like CryptoPunks).

  3. Claimable NFTs (connected to real-world products and services).

PowerCar - 25 000 USD

Request: Funding: 25 000 USD - Technical and Marketing Support

Website: https://power-c.ar/#/

There is no need to introduce PowerCar to the Callisto network community because it was such a success when it was launched that many community members became proud owners of the NFTโ€™s and still are to this day.

PowerCar is the first NFT project on Callisto Network. The project has generated tens of millions of Callisto coins and we were honored that Erik has joined the Callisto Enterprise team as a smart contract developer.

After Erik joined the Callisto Enterprise team, a question quickly arose: How to take PowerCar to the next level? So it was agreed that Callisto Enterprise would acquire PowerCar and Erik would become the lead advisor on the project.

What to expect in the next few weeks?

We are currently exploring rebranding options and we have already started working with the cryptobot team in order to propose new use cases to the users and also a way to rent the vehicles thus generating a passive income for the owners of the NFT PowerCar.

But that's not all! We are considering other integration options which include integrating PowerCar with Soy Finance, so be ready, PowerCar 2.0 is on its way.


Request: Funding: 25 000 USD - Technical and Marketing Support

Mojmรญr Zรกleลกรกk and Patrik ฤŒermรกk, talented programmers of 17 and 16 years old respectively, submitted an interesting concept; A token to help the young (and not so young) generation to broaden their horizons and elevate their investment skills.

By conducting extensive research, they will offer courses and presentations which are specifically designed for students about cryptocurrencies, encryption, programming, mathematics and investments. They will offer these within the schools and public meetings. Mojmรญr and Patrik goal is to help the students to learn and understand the management of investments, especially cryptocurrencies, therefore making them more confident within the space.

To facilitate the adoption and increase the engagement among the newcomers, they have conceived the Teramite token (TMT). This token will mimic the Callisto coin (price fluctuations, traded volume, etc.).

Students will be able to send and receive the TMT token through CryptoBot thereby promoting the whole Callisto Network ecosystem among the younger generations!

What to expect in the next months?

After a comprehensive analysis of the platform's technical possibilities and limitations, a token will be created along with the various presentations that will be required. The website and the tutorials (Beta) will go live as well as the creation of the Social Media.

As the Teramite community grows the team will analyze the various investment possibilities to prepare for an upcoming investment presentation.

Soy Finance - Auto-Harvesting / Auto-Compound

Request: Funding: 10 000 USD

To get the best annual return (APY), the investors must regularly harvest and sell a share of their reward then provide liquidity and add to their active farm. With the auto-compound function this is automatically done every 24 hours!

The auto-harvest feature will consist of a special farming smart contract that will harvest the farmersโ€™ reward every 24 hours and sell 50% of the SOY rewards to swap for the second pair, providing liquidity and adding LP tokens to the farm. This feature has two benefits: maximizing farmers' income and stabilizing the price of the SOY token.

The Auto-Harvest function will be available from the Sloth-Trading Features for a 2% fee applied on each harvest. The fees are distributed as follows:

  • 1% will be burned.

  • 1% for the maintenance fee.

The feature will be implemented on the following platforms:

  • Soy finance

  • CryptoBot

  • Discord

The advantages of building on Callisto Network

  • Callisto Network is EVM compatible, meaning any Ethereum-compatible dApp can run on Callisto Network.

  • No Callisto Network dApp has been hacked and the blockchain is resistant to 51% attacks.

  • Callisto Network offers the lowest transaction fees in the industry (below 0.0001 USD per transaction).

  • A growing and supportive community which adds extra value to the deployed projects.

  • An experienced team to support any aspect of the project.


Thanks to all of you and the amazing projects that have shown interest in Callisto Network and our funding program. Thank you, our community for being so supportive! More exciting projects are already applying to the โ€œWe Fund Youโ€ program and we are looking forward to welcoming them in the coming quarters.

For more information on the โ€œWe Fund Youโ€ program please refer to the Callisto Network blog.

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